Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Life will for sure throw you some curves. We are having some of our own right now. I think just as we get comfortable with life, God throws us a curveball to let us know WE are not in control. HE is! 

I am holding steady in that fact that he will take care of our trials and see us through the hard times and give us glory through the good times. But he doesn't want us comfortable. 

My boys are loving the warmer weather and we love being home just working on the land. 

Kevin and the boys have built a garden in a different area this year, hoping that the deer don't notice :)

I have been planting, watering, raking, cleaning, mowing, and loving spring weather!

We got our John Deere tractor down from our attic, and got a different battery. Little brother thinks he is just too cool for words. He is definitely going to be a farmer/tractor driver someday :) Karson was the same way at this age, but now Karson has turned more towards real hunting/fishing. We love seeing them grow!

I think our boys have really grown closer with living in the country. It's not the fact that there isn't anything to do, so they are stuck together because there is LOTS to do. It's just that there are no other kids and influences around to distract them towards other things and entertainment. They play together ALL DAY LONG! For the past 2 days we have caught them trying to sleep together during naptime and bedtime. 

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of quirks and arguments, but they are honestly BEST BUDS!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Karson's 1st Visit to the Dentist

This week Karson had his 1st EVER visit to the dentist. I had the this planned for about 5 months, but this new dentist in our area is BOOKED! I'm sure from the pictures and the great treatment you can see why it is so full. I mean what kid wouldn't want this huge display out front of their dentist?

The lobby was amazing! It's all about zoo animals. Karson was beyond thrilled as well as little brother. There was no time for unhappy kids in the waiting room, they were too busy looking and exploring around. 

Karson REALLY enjoyed these push computers with different games on them. 

Little brother was just THRILLED to be there! He was so good.

Karson got to pick out a new toothbrush, and then the dental hygienist got to work. She cleaned and scrubbed and Karson took it all like a champ never making a single word. I was honestly so surprised and shocked that there was NO drama whatsoever! 

Soon after she finished the cleaning, the dentist came and checked him out. A GREAT bill of healthy teeth!

Meanwhile, this cutie and I were sitting waiting quietly with his new Diego toothbrush. That is enough to make him sit still and wait nicely. 

All in all the first visit was a wonderful one! I am thankful I waited until Karson was 4 because that really was a long time that she cleaned. I'm not sure that Kioton could sit still that entire time right now without being squirmy and fussing. I think we will wait until he is 4 as well. 

Here's to healthy teeth!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I'm lovin Wednesday

This week has gone by super fast! I can't believe it is already Wednesday. 

I'm loving...

Karson's new dentist. Today was the first time he has been. More on that coming in a different entry.

I'm lovin...

that this boys had FINALLY realized he should sleep during nap time rather than just talk in his room for 1.5 hours. It makes our evenings SOO much better :) Both boys have had 3 hour naps for the past 2 days. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers!

I'm loving....

these Aviator glasses I found at TJ Maxx. I used to think they were only for Duck Dynasty folks but they are super nice and I LOVE them!!! The boys have been calling me "Eric Church" haha

I'm lovin..

the fact that we can go outside without coats on!! I am SO over coats. Bring on summer!!

and finally I'm lovin...

my Weeping Cherry Tree with blooms on it. I know it wont last long, but it is really gorgeous!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Springtime Front Porch

I am so thankful for Springtime  Honestly, this winter was the hardest on ME as a mom of two very energetic boys, but somehow with lots of patience and prayers we made it! I am a HUGE outside girl. I don't like sitting in the house watching TV and wasting my time "laying" around. I like to be outside and working. My boys have inherited my traits. I was so excited to get some color and ferns onto my front porch. 

I want to find some black lanterns to around the front door of the orch. But I am a little cheap and all of the ones I've seen are $25 a piece and that's just crazy for me! 

Hope you're enjoying Spring wherever you are :)

Friday, April 19, 2013


I can't believe how fast time is flying by. The boys were so excited to wear their summer jommies. They get so excited over change. The same thing happened when I brought out the long winter jommies. 

(Above) 4/12/13

(Above) 4/13/12

Those two pictures were almost 1 year apart exactly. Boy how they have changed, and then part of them look exactly the same. I guess the baby look is going away, which is sad!

Karson before preschool last week. It is so hard to get out of the door by 9am and to preschool on those two mornings a week, I don't know how we are going to do it for real school at 7:20.

Here is Karson almost 1 year ago to the day. Same shirt too :)

The boys 1 year ago around this time of the year.

I like comparison, but normally it makes me sad! My babies are growing up so fast.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The good & bad of our weekend...

Saturday had been an uneventful day with going to Home Depot,  our local flower shop,  and back home. We took rests, worked outside, and then ate dinner. Around 7 I gave this little guy a bath and got his jommies on. While he was playing Karson was getting his bath. The boys have been banned from taking a bath together for a while because they are just too rowdy together. I was cleaning the kitchen and I heard Ki playing on the scooter in the house. The next thing I know, he is screaming in the bathroom where Karson is. I go in to see that he's wrecked the scooter into the wall and there is a 2 inch knot on his forehead that was instantly black! I thought I may pass out myself, but held it together! Kevin was at work, so I called my parents who live just over the hill and they were soon over to take us to the E.R. Besides the 20
 minute wait at the beginning, we were treated great!! They even gave both of my boys these penguins that someone had sewed for the kids at the hospital. They LOVED them! We had x-rays on his head just to be sure there was no swelling or bleeding and everything thankfully checked out ok. Around midnight we were on our way back home with doctors orders to not play rough for about 3 days. 

So this mister slept with mommy just to be sure everything was ok. 

The next day I thought to get this picture  It looks almost like I'm choking him, but really just trying to keep him still for a decent picture. The swelling is completely gone, but his whole forehead on that side is turning blue. 

I am so thankfully GOD was with him. It was one of the scariest moments I've ever been as a mom. The way the knot was so black and so far out, I just knew there was some damage on the inside. Now, every time this little guy is into something bad, I think that "at least he is healthy" and how we take their health for granted. So then, the mission has been to keep him from being rowdy. HA! Yeah that's not happening with a big brother. 

This was the next day as I was trimming some bushes in the flower bed. 

You just sometimes have to let it go....the clothes WILL wash!

Karson thought this would be a great idea, and little brother just followed along. He is walking back to the house to get hosed off by daddy. 

I am so thankful for healthy boys. Even ones that are constantly into something. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting healthy!

I have had a HUGE mind turn around in health lately  Winter was really not good for me as a stay at home mom and not getting much exercise. It's hard when you are mostly home and busy with little ones to get time to yourself. So, there is NO excuse for me anymore. It's nice weather and the park and my jogging stroller are free and ready to use! So, we hit have been walking, biking, calorie counting, and getting healthy! I finally got my husband in on my fun :) He normally likes to eat ice cream around 10:00 at night and I am begging him to go into the other room. But he has somewhat chilled out in the eating in front of me.

Sunday we biked as a family for 8 miles. I don't have any pictures because it was tough, but we made it! Afterwards we flew a kite in the park for the boys and had a lunch there. It was a great day!

Monday, Tuesday I walked at home. That was rough. There are lots of hills where we live now.

Wednesday, me and this cutie enjoyed the park while Karson was at preschool. It was a beautiful day for it!

At this park the have TONS of Easter lilies and it makes for the best pictures. 

I am hoping to take both boys before they finish blooming. 

A great motivation is that my 10 year high school reunion is in August. That leaves me with 4 short months to  get to the weight I want to be and have more energy and get healthy. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What my boys have been up to...

Well, this shows what I've been up to. Pansies are one of my favorite things!!

I've been planting them like crazy. Mulching like crazy. Enjoying spring like crazy!!

If we are wearing shorts, then the boys are asking for a frozen treat. 

We have been enjoying our porch and being outside. The weather has been amazing!

On Monday Karson and Kevin decided to go fishing at Beech Fork Lake for the entire day. I thought it would be nice if each boy had some alone time with a parent  So, Kiton and I went to a park with friends from the Mother's Club while the older boys fished. Both boys had a blast!!

These boys came home with lots of great catches. This 4.11 pound bass fish was the excitement in their day. They were both so excited! Karson asked me to fix it for dinner that night. 

Showing brother his special catch. So excited that our boys love the outdoors. 

As I was making dinner around 5, almost all of the boys were dozing off while watching a little Scooby Doo show. We had a great dinner on the grill, had more time outside on the trampoline, and came in for baths around 8:00. 

All in all, we've been so thankful for this awesome weather! Our winter was so long and dreary and having two boys with full energy in the house can be hard. These days make it so much easier. We normally stay home on Monday and Thursday and don't have plan anything to have some home time and just enjoy our home and get our "jobs" done. 

Tomorrow, Karson goes back to preschool after a long week off. He is so excited to see his friends, and I am so thankful he loves his little class at school. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Warmer Days

This weekend's weather has been gorgeous! Thankfully it is Kevin's long weekend off and that always means one thing. We WORK outside! We are a little strange because we both love to work and mark things off of our list of "to do's". There are no lazy bones here! Even the boys have got the itch in them to work work work. Karson will ask me lots of times throughout the day: "Mom what job do I need to do now?" I love when he asks that because it shows he is growing a good work ethic which is crucial in today's society with having a job, a house, and a family as a grown man. 

We got our ducks out in the grass hay for a while each day this weekend. They were LOVING being outside in the sun and getting a little swim in. They have grown so much!

I can't wait to get them down the hill to their big cage and there we will dig a water hole in the ground for them to get into and swim. The boys were hosing them with the water hose and they were acting like it was the best day of their life! It doesn't take much when you are a duck :)

Little workers hard at it at 9:30am. We were straight outside!

We had a lesson on how to hammer with a hammer and nail. Karson was quite the teacher! :)

We didn't come inside besides having rest time, and then dinner both Friday and Saturday.

We are thankful for warmer days that the Lord has given us. 

Karson told me that he told Jesus to give us sunshine because mommy likes it. 

Sweet boy!