Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Life will for sure throw you some curves. We are having some of our own right now. I think just as we get comfortable with life, God throws us a curveball to let us know WE are not in control. HE is! 

I am holding steady in that fact that he will take care of our trials and see us through the hard times and give us glory through the good times. But he doesn't want us comfortable. 

My boys are loving the warmer weather and we love being home just working on the land. 

Kevin and the boys have built a garden in a different area this year, hoping that the deer don't notice :)

I have been planting, watering, raking, cleaning, mowing, and loving spring weather!

We got our John Deere tractor down from our attic, and got a different battery. Little brother thinks he is just too cool for words. He is definitely going to be a farmer/tractor driver someday :) Karson was the same way at this age, but now Karson has turned more towards real hunting/fishing. We love seeing them grow!

I think our boys have really grown closer with living in the country. It's not the fact that there isn't anything to do, so they are stuck together because there is LOTS to do. It's just that there are no other kids and influences around to distract them towards other things and entertainment. They play together ALL DAY LONG! For the past 2 days we have caught them trying to sleep together during naptime and bedtime. 

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of quirks and arguments, but they are honestly BEST BUDS!

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