Sunday, April 28, 2013

Karson's 1st Visit to the Dentist

This week Karson had his 1st EVER visit to the dentist. I had the this planned for about 5 months, but this new dentist in our area is BOOKED! I'm sure from the pictures and the great treatment you can see why it is so full. I mean what kid wouldn't want this huge display out front of their dentist?

The lobby was amazing! It's all about zoo animals. Karson was beyond thrilled as well as little brother. There was no time for unhappy kids in the waiting room, they were too busy looking and exploring around. 

Karson REALLY enjoyed these push computers with different games on them. 

Little brother was just THRILLED to be there! He was so good.

Karson got to pick out a new toothbrush, and then the dental hygienist got to work. She cleaned and scrubbed and Karson took it all like a champ never making a single word. I was honestly so surprised and shocked that there was NO drama whatsoever! 

Soon after she finished the cleaning, the dentist came and checked him out. A GREAT bill of healthy teeth!

Meanwhile, this cutie and I were sitting waiting quietly with his new Diego toothbrush. That is enough to make him sit still and wait nicely. 

All in all the first visit was a wonderful one! I am thankful I waited until Karson was 4 because that really was a long time that she cleaned. I'm not sure that Kioton could sit still that entire time right now without being squirmy and fussing. I think we will wait until he is 4 as well. 

Here's to healthy teeth!!


Joanna said...

That looks like an amazing dentist to go to. I have never seen such a fun waiting room. When I was little, I do not even know if there were pediatric dentists. My sister recently took her children to see someone and she facetimed me from the waiting room because she was just shocked at how advanced it really was.

Joanna @ Westheimer Dentist

Karen Perry said...

These 2 look like the have had a marvelous time, I try and take my boys to the park after we do dentist trips so they can get ice cream after. My husband is at work so he cannot join us all the time but sometimes he makes an appearance. Bless him he has been working so hard lately, thanks.

Karen Perry @ Brook Side Smiles

Quinn Kimbrough said...

This is really cute! I cannot wait until my daughter's first visit to the dentist. I'm sure she's going to freak out because she absolutely hates the dentist, but I can't wait to cross this off of our list of milestones. I'm sure she won't be thrilled though, and that's fine.

Quinn Kimbrough @ Top Temecula Dentist