Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dozing the Land

A great blessing is that my dad has his own bulldozer. He has helped MANY times with dozing work while our house was being built, before it was built, and even still now after it's been built for almost 2 years. Our front yard was/is still recovering from a pond n it that was covered up.  We've had to wait a while to continue doing the dozing work just to make sure the hills weren't moving and all of the dirt was solid. 

So, this weekend Kevin was off work and they got busy! The boys LOVE when stuff like this is going on. They get right in there and start shoveling and digging. 

Growing grass as been the biggest job! It has been 1.5 years here at our home and still not much grass. It's hard to grow when you have clay and rock!

Kevin has been raking and raking trying to get rid of the rock. 

Our front yard after being dozed. Looking more like a football field. I wish money was growing on trees, I'd order lots of sod :)

Kevin and Karson are like twins in every way. This was before church last Sunday. Karson wanted to wear a belt just like Kevin. 

We have been finding lots of "critters" after moving logs and dirt. We now have a lizard and 2 frogs. 

I enjoy seeing the boys LOVE the outdoors and learning. We are turning off our cable today :)

Frugal living, Simple living. BE OUTSIDE!!

(my motto)

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