Sunday, April 7, 2013

Warmer Days

This weekend's weather has been gorgeous! Thankfully it is Kevin's long weekend off and that always means one thing. We WORK outside! We are a little strange because we both love to work and mark things off of our list of "to do's". There are no lazy bones here! Even the boys have got the itch in them to work work work. Karson will ask me lots of times throughout the day: "Mom what job do I need to do now?" I love when he asks that because it shows he is growing a good work ethic which is crucial in today's society with having a job, a house, and a family as a grown man. 

We got our ducks out in the grass hay for a while each day this weekend. They were LOVING being outside in the sun and getting a little swim in. They have grown so much!

I can't wait to get them down the hill to their big cage and there we will dig a water hole in the ground for them to get into and swim. The boys were hosing them with the water hose and they were acting like it was the best day of their life! It doesn't take much when you are a duck :)

Little workers hard at it at 9:30am. We were straight outside!

We had a lesson on how to hammer with a hammer and nail. Karson was quite the teacher! :)

We didn't come inside besides having rest time, and then dinner both Friday and Saturday.

We are thankful for warmer days that the Lord has given us. 

Karson told me that he told Jesus to give us sunshine because mommy likes it. 

Sweet boy!

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