Friday, April 5, 2013

Our Break

Karson has been on his break this week from his little school. Even though it's only 2 mornings a week, it's been nice to not have to be anywhere. We have been staying busy even though we still haven't gotten any warm weather. It's staying in the 40's and wont go anywhere. I think today it is finally get into the low 60's which is going to be wonderful. We have mainly been staying home in our jommies, and taking it easy cleaning, making crafts, learning to work together, and cooking together.

The boys have been saying they are "hunting" where they get out their hunting blind and fill it full of hunting necessities  This day they also made a little area to eat their lunch on. It was really cute!

One morning Karson got his own morning out with Daddy. 

So me and "my mini" stayed home and enjoyed some one on one time.
It seems that the boys are ALWAYS wearing mix matched jommies. O well!

We have had a good week, but ready for Kevin to be home with us for 4 DAYS! 

We are ready to get going on some things outside, and the weather is going to be nice this weekend so we are going to get busy! We are going to create a large area for the boys swingset/sand box that has little rocks all around so they can dig with their trucks.

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