Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter - Part 4 - Final

Happy Easter!

Our weekend has been jammed packed, but I love Easter. It's meaning is the most exciting and hearing the boys tell the Easter story has been the best part of Easter all together!

Friday: Karson had his egg hunt at his preschool. All of the parents were to hide the eggs in the grass area beside the church and the kids were coming out to find them. When they said "GO" Karson was on a mission. He didn't even look up to find me and wanted as many eggs as possible. This was such a difference from last year because we went to our church egg hunt, and the overcrowded and running made him cry. 

Lots of 3/4 year old classmates eager for eggs!

They got to see the Easter bunny and Karson said "Mom he even gave me a high five!". He was so excited. 

Kipton and one of his little friends.

Saturday: Was mostly grocery shopping, errands, and even some FLOWER planting! Yes we finally got to the flower shop and bought some pansies and new mulch for the flower beds. Our favorite and closest flower shop has added a barnyard to their property where you can pet the animals. The boys were in HEAVEN and we stayed there for nearly 1.5 hours.

Sunday: Kevin had to work dayshift so all of our Easter fun was without daddy. I think I was more excited than they were about their little baskets. I even woke them up to tell them somebody special had been at our house. 

I finally broke down and bought Karson a cap gun. I don't like them, but he plays with them at Kevin's moms when we visit and he LOVES them. He shot all of the rounds within 1 hour. 

Kipton got some new Diego sunglasses and binoculars. He even wore them around his neck to church. He LOVES Diego! We aren't sure where this love came from all of a sudden, but it's cute.

Karson got an animal call that I found at TOYS R US. It makes a bear, wolf, duck, lion, turkey all call. The boys thought this was AWESOME and tried to call in an animal out the backdoor all morning while I was getting ready for church. (Excuse the mismatched pjs)

Ready to head to church. The best place is C3! (In our opinion)

After church we came home and played some more and had lunch and took naps. 

Around 5:00 we headed over to Nana and Papaw Brad's for dinner. We had steak, potatoes, salad, and some great desserts. After dinner Papaw hid the boys eggs all around their house. 

It was a rainy, wet, yucky day but even Jesus makes it rain so it was fine :)

So excited to find pennies in his eggs.

Mom found a Diego doll online for Kipton. He wasn't sure what to think at first but by the end of our visit he was hugging and kissing him. 

While our food was great, our egg hunts were fun, the real joy comes from our savior Jesus Christ!

The boys and I planted this RYE grass about 1.5 weeks ago. It's intention was to look like the grass on Calvary Hill where Jesus was put on the cross. It was looking iffy about growing, and I couldn't believe when it popped right up the day before Easter to serve as a great reminder on our kitchen table. 

Happy Easter!

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