Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Week - Part 3

With Easter, comes fun decorations. Mostly for the boys. 

These flowers came from our property where Kevin and Karson were walking and found them. Everytime Karson brings me flowers he adds in "Will you marry me?" :)

I found these little bunnies at Hobby Lobby a few years ago. The boys call them Peter Rabbit. We are enjoying that new show on Nick.

Karson helped me make this little banner one day when we were cooped up in the house with snow.

Last month we Kevin painted the entire kitchen and living room. This was A LOT of painting. Of course I was getting ready to have people over for a party and so that was great motivation to finish it in only 2 days. I can honestly get so much more done when parties are coming up. We painted it a light tan and he finished up all of the trim work himself too.

I bought a new rug to go under my kitchen table at Garden Ridge. A store near Cincinnati  OH and it is amazing. We are planning to go back this Spring for outdoors items. 

The boys have kept plastic eggs in this basket on my table and we've hid eggs throughout the house for the past month. They love for me to hide coins in them and see who can find the most money and count it up. A great math game :)

My front porch looks pretty sad. It's too cold to get out and even plant pansies  I have had this big Easter rabbit for over 4 years that my mom made. I love it as well as an egg wreath she made a few years ago too. Hopefully we can get our porch looking better with ferns, flowers, and new furniture here in the next month. I am so ready for this to be my favorite spot again!

Hope your ready for Easter. Like always, I am behind on the boys baskets. I have 2 little things each for them so I am headed out this evening once Kevin is home for the rest. I am cutting it a little close this year. 

Happy Easter!

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