Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Week - Part 2

Today I'm going to talk about Easter Parties. We had our Easter party this week with our
Mother's Club and it was so much fun! One of our friends hosted at her house, and decorated awesome for the kids, and had yummy food, crafts, and we did our egg hunt indoors because it was snowing and cold. Karson and another little boy were the only 4 year olds (and the oldest at the party) so they did the egg hiding. The moms didn't mind this :) He looked SO big! I can't believe it's my boy that is the oldest and can do the "big boy" things for our group. He had the best time with his friends.

Jessica had crafts for the kids and they all really enjoyed it! They were big Easter eggs and then pretty Easter stickers and Spring stickers that were easy for the kids to peel the backs off. They could ALL do this craft on their own while the moms watched. It was wonderful!

Since Jessica has a little boy, my boys were in heaven as well as most of the boys that came. He had lots of fun boy stuff, but the girls also played so well too. I think it's harder for boys to go to girls houses, rather than girls coming to boys houses. The girls will really play with anything, but normally boys don't want to play with babies or dress up in princess.

Jessica even gave out these adorable little baskets for the kids to put their eggs in. Kipton was so excited that there was actually candy in the eggs. We have been hiding and finding eggs in our house for the past month, but this was a real treat that there was actually something in them!

The boys checking out their loot of candy, stickers, and coins.

We tried for a group picture, but some of the babies weren't in the picture. 

I urge you as a mom to find a Mother's group near your area. If your kids are under 5 and not in school, it really is the best thing you could do for yourself, and for your kids. We have had so much fun meeting new people and learning to work together. 

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