Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Week - Part 1

This week leading up to Easter, I'm going to post some Easter ideas for kids. 

Today's post is DIY Easter Pictures

I don't know about you, but the thought of going to a studio for pictures makes me not so excited.
The backdrop is not so fun, it's hard to get your kids to listen to this strange person, and it always seems about 100 degrees in there. 

I love outdoors pictures, but since it's snowing here we moved things into our living room.

All you need is a sheet as your backdrop, and a good camera. I put mine over our front door and used clothespins to hold it up. I looked around our house to see what I could find for a prop for them to sit on. 
I brought some of our baby ducks and chicks in from our garage (which I know not everyone has) and we got on our Easter shirts and pants and away we went.

Poor Karson has a big red mark on his forehead from running into a door! :)

For my first time taking pictures indoors things went great! I needed to add another sheet because I can see our hardwood floors in some of the pictures and can't crop it out. I always edit the pictures on my computer using a program we have that came with our Canon camera.

Here are some out takes of the boys trying to feed the ducks.

First it was carrots???

This was Karson's idea, so he ran to the fridge for some carrots.

Then it was some of the Easter lilies we used. 
They actually liked the flowers and were nibbling them. The boys were DYING laughing! 

So, if your looking to do pictures of your kids for cheap and without the studio, try them at home!

They will probably turn out just as good!

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