Sunday, March 24, 2013

Random March Pictures

I have a bunch of random pictures from this month that I wanted to add to remember how life was in 2013.

We have been catch MANY raccoon and possums in our cage because they LOVE my back porch. Kevin said this one in particular was so MEAN and was biting, hissing, and clawing at him through the cage :) 

Kevin takes the animals far away and lets them loose which probably defeats the purpose but, it is a good lesson for our boys to see. They know these animals will hurt our chickens. 

 Nana & Papaw Brad offered to buy Kipton a new big boy bed. We had no issues, and he went to bed immediately  It has been a easy transition. Thanking God for that!

We have had a few days this month with 60 degree weather, and then it starts snowing the next day. On one of the days, we planted more grass. I think the worst part of building a new house is getting grass to grow. Especially here in West Virginia. Everything is ROCK! Kevin tilled up the entire front and side yard and we raked, shoveled out the rocks, planted grass seed, fertilizer, and then spread out the hay. We also did this last spring and lost it all with a very HOT summer.

Karson was taking pictures and snapped this one. It has been a job that is back breaking, but hopefully it will be worth it. 

I can't believe Karson is 4. He is so funny, and loves to wear pajamas. 
On this day, the boys took all of the books that we own and threw them behind this chair and said they were building a campfire! Then, guess who had to pick up the campfire?

Kipton on the other hand, wants jeans on as soon as he wakes up!
He loves to put things in his pockets, especially coins so he wants his jeans on. 
He must get it from Kevin, because I'm not a jeans girl.

Poor Kevin not only works 12 hour shifts, but normally has something to catch up on here.
Building chicken cages, fixing a busted water pipe, cleaning up the mess from the water leak under the house,  it's always something. Thankful for a husband who is not afraid of work.

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