Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What my boys have been up to...

Well, this shows what I've been up to. Pansies are one of my favorite things!!

I've been planting them like crazy. Mulching like crazy. Enjoying spring like crazy!!

If we are wearing shorts, then the boys are asking for a frozen treat. 

We have been enjoying our porch and being outside. The weather has been amazing!

On Monday Karson and Kevin decided to go fishing at Beech Fork Lake for the entire day. I thought it would be nice if each boy had some alone time with a parent  So, Kiton and I went to a park with friends from the Mother's Club while the older boys fished. Both boys had a blast!!

These boys came home with lots of great catches. This 4.11 pound bass fish was the excitement in their day. They were both so excited! Karson asked me to fix it for dinner that night. 

Showing brother his special catch. So excited that our boys love the outdoors. 

As I was making dinner around 5, almost all of the boys were dozing off while watching a little Scooby Doo show. We had a great dinner on the grill, had more time outside on the trampoline, and came in for baths around 8:00. 

All in all, we've been so thankful for this awesome weather! Our winter was so long and dreary and having two boys with full energy in the house can be hard. These days make it so much easier. We normally stay home on Monday and Thursday and don't have plan anything to have some home time and just enjoy our home and get our "jobs" done. 

Tomorrow, Karson goes back to preschool after a long week off. He is so excited to see his friends, and I am so thankful he loves his little class at school. 

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