Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The good & bad of our weekend...

Saturday had been an uneventful day with going to Home Depot,  our local flower shop,  and back home. We took rests, worked outside, and then ate dinner. Around 7 I gave this little guy a bath and got his jommies on. While he was playing Karson was getting his bath. The boys have been banned from taking a bath together for a while because they are just too rowdy together. I was cleaning the kitchen and I heard Ki playing on the scooter in the house. The next thing I know, he is screaming in the bathroom where Karson is. I go in to see that he's wrecked the scooter into the wall and there is a 2 inch knot on his forehead that was instantly black! I thought I may pass out myself, but held it together! Kevin was at work, so I called my parents who live just over the hill and they were soon over to take us to the E.R. Besides the 20
 minute wait at the beginning, we were treated great!! They even gave both of my boys these penguins that someone had sewed for the kids at the hospital. They LOVED them! We had x-rays on his head just to be sure there was no swelling or bleeding and everything thankfully checked out ok. Around midnight we were on our way back home with doctors orders to not play rough for about 3 days. 

So this mister slept with mommy just to be sure everything was ok. 

The next day I thought to get this picture  It looks almost like I'm choking him, but really just trying to keep him still for a decent picture. The swelling is completely gone, but his whole forehead on that side is turning blue. 

I am so thankfully GOD was with him. It was one of the scariest moments I've ever been as a mom. The way the knot was so black and so far out, I just knew there was some damage on the inside. Now, every time this little guy is into something bad, I think that "at least he is healthy" and how we take their health for granted. So then, the mission has been to keep him from being rowdy. HA! Yeah that's not happening with a big brother. 

This was the next day as I was trimming some bushes in the flower bed. 

You just sometimes have to let it go....the clothes WILL wash!

Karson thought this would be a great idea, and little brother just followed along. He is walking back to the house to get hosed off by daddy. 

I am so thankful for healthy boys. Even ones that are constantly into something. 

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