Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. Lots of work, but so worth it!

We had my and Kevin's family at our house. The boys and I began decorating for Christmas three days before after much asking and asking, I caved! We were home anyway, and it was snowing and it just seemed right. I know I said I was waiting, but how can you say no to a 4 and 3 year old when they have that Christmas magic in their eyes. 

Kevin did most of our cooking. He's wonderful like that :)

The night before prepping of the turkey :) Of course he made lots of jokes and was dancing around with it in the kitchen. It's always like that with Kevin. 

The next morning I had 3 of my favorite helpers in the kitchen. 

Karson was very interested in the turkey this year. We had it thawing out in the refrigerator three days prior to Thanksgiving, and everyone that came over he had to open the fridge and show them that we had a turkey in there. He asked me about 100 times who killed it :) I hope one day son, we will be eating the one that you killed. I hope he is always interested in hunting.


While the boys cooked, I finished decorating and setting up for family.

We don't have a formal dining room so it somewhat make it's hard to have large family functions at our house, but we made it work. 

So thankful for these three boys. BEYOND thankful.

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had our first snow this week. Can't wait to show you some pictures of our country snow.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just a few things...

I am so thankful that this boy is on Thanksgiving break from his preschool. Just three mornings a week is still a lot of work and the fact that we don't have to get out early is great for us all. 

This cowboy was found in mommy's bathroom one afternoon with makeup as his beard. Ahh gosh gotta love him. How could you even raise your voice at him for getting your make up all over your bathroom floor and even on the walls. It was just too cute! Then he went for his daddy's deodorant to make him "smell like a boy". HA! I guess he had to even up the fact that he was wearing make up. 

Last week we drove to the Ohio River where Kevin is a boat pilot. He was working and the boys had been really missing him after those long 12 hour days. So we got to the boat ramps and he was near. We got to watch him drive and deliver a barge nearby then he came back to talk to us for a bit. The boys thought this was the best day EVER! 

There he is with his barge up front. 

Ok, now I remember I already wrote about this! ha, sorry guys!

We had two birthday parties last weekend. Karson's two friends from preschool. He had the best time on Friday night with Ezra because Kipton didn't go. (his words not mine) I thought it would be best for this certain one that he got to go with just me and enjoy his time away from little brother. He had the BEST time!

Our mall has a train and has for a year or so, but we've only ridden one other time. We were out shopping last weekend and the boys asked to ride it. We had the best time! Karson was trying not to smile but he was soo happy.

One of my favorite things EVER is that Karson loves to draw, color, and now write. I get notes everyday and I make such a big deal out of them! He had really boosted his cofidence in the last year and helped him WANT to write his letters and make and spell words. This said Karson Mom and PP I asked what the PP was and he said Pepper. (for salt and pepper) 

We have been at home for the past 2 days getting ready for Thanksgiving at our house. Can't wait!

Friday, November 22, 2013

High Five for Friday

I thought I would join in for the "High Five for Friday" link up that is HERE!

1. I have been pinning Burlap Door Hangers for a while now, but just made mine this cute Turkey this past week. It was super fun and I really enjoy it on the pantry door. My PINTEREST boards are here!

2. Kipton had his first dentist appointment this past week and did great. He sat in the chair and let her just clean and brush and poke around in his teeth and didn't say a word. I was so thankful for a great dentist appointment. He also cracked his front tooth when he was a baby and the dentist said it was just fine, and it will fall out when he is around 6 or 7. After his appointment we went to Chickfila for lunch just the two of us and then to Hobby Lobby. I'm pretty sure the boys know that's moms favorite store because the other night Kipton said he was thankful for Hoppy Loppy. :)

3. I am so weird about my floors and sweepers. I sweep the WHOLE house daily. I miss dusting a lot, but I always sweep the floors. I recently bought this small sweeper from Walmart for like $27.00 and it's so small and GREAT for the boys. They are really into sweeper for me. SCORE!

4. The other evening we had to drop off food at church and we were around the area to see Kevin at work. We called him and thankfully he was close to us. So we parked the van and sat by the Ohio River to wait for his boat to drive past. The boys had the BEST time watching Kevin and his deckhands working. It was seriously their favorite day ever. Kevin had to deliver a barge and then he came back to see us again this time he got even closer. What a ball!

5. We are offically on Thanksgiving Break from preschool!! Woohoo! Karson wanted to wear his hunting shirt to school to show his friends that he is a hunter for turkey. HAHA! I thought that was just too good of an idea to pass up. Little brother however is quite the fashion statement in his tall socks and flashlight ready to take Karson to school. 

We have Kevin home this weekend with us! So excited. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Thankful Post

I have been in a Christmas mood for about two weeks now. However, I am really trying not to rush it and enjoy Thanksgiving. Karson is REALLY into the calendar and knowing what comes next that I would be confusing him to put up the tree or any decorations, and he would ask me about 1,000 questions about why I was doing that. So, in the nature of saving my mind, I will wait until after Thanksgiving. 

I thought I would share some things I am so thankful for this year. 

1. A God who forgives me when I am a normal human and sin daily. As well as always answering my prayers in some sort of way. 

2. For a wonderful husband who is so hard working, caring, laid back, handsome, and FUN! He has the biggest personality and I'm thankful it has been passed down to our boys. He works and works and works, and still has time for us and helps around the house. Such a handyman! 
(this just down right makes me so sad. My baby is so big now!)

3. For my first born son Karson. He was a great baby and and hard toddler, but we have worked our way out of those hard three year old times and we are smooth sailing now at four. What a blessing, and complete JOY he is. So friendly, a HUGE personality just like Kevin. A willingness to help around the house, and be a good "husband in training". He wants to please Kevin and I so he is a hard worker. I am so thankful that Kipton has him to look up to. We are still working on a few things that need fixin' but that's just fine with me. 

4. For my second born son Kipton who is a fire cracker! He has a HUGE personality just like his brother. He completes our family. He is so smart and funny. Such a loving boy who is always giving hugs, kisses to us and the dogs. We are so thankful he has such a kind heart and an imagination bigger than the sky. We just couldn't imagine life without him. 

5. For the best parents ever!!!

6. For a home, that I truly LOVE and feels like it's not even mine sometimes. It's all thanks to my wonderful hard working husband, my dad, and mom. Without all of them we wouldn't have our newly built home. We felt like, and still do that we are living in a dream with our home. It's totally undeserving. 

This Thanksgiving I am hoping that I ALWAYS remember why my life is special, and never compare it with others. I hope I always remember how special my boys are in the midst of hard parenting times and how amazing my husband is despite his long work hours. 

Let's not forget Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 15, 2013

I think I love deer hunting??

Kevin had vacation days to blow so he decided to use the rest of them this month for hunting season. This past week he had 8 days off. His mission = get him the big boy! So the boys and I had fun moving deer feeders, filling them with corn, watching deer out the kitchen door, target practicing, hunting out of the blind, and getting 3 deer in those 8 days. The first one was mine. I am proud to say that I killed my first deer this year. Just a doe, but it was fun! The second was also a doe shot by Kevin right out our kitchen door, and the third is this awesome 8 point. Can you tell we are a little excited? I love my Robin Hood. He is sure good with a bow and arrow! 

On his last day home he finally got his wish. Boy was he excited. I wish I had recorded him when we finally tracked him and saw him laying. The excitement was really awesome! I guess this is why people say you can really get buck fever. It was more of a rush than riding a roller coaster. (seriously!)

A few pictures from our 8 days. We sure do miss daddy now that he is back on that cold Ohio River working so hard. But, we know that Thanksgiving is coming up and that will mean more hunting. 

 Kipton is a little slower in walking (just like momma) so we tend to lag behind. That's fine with us, we just enjoy the scenery. Looking for squirrels, and nuts :)

The view from inside the blind. The boys love it. After about 40 minutes they are bored, but I normally whip out the phone and they are good for at least another hour. Meanwhile, Kevin is running the deer down to us. 

I can't believe I love hunting as much as I do. I guess it's all because I live with 3 boys and you don't have much choice. But it's super fun and I love anything outdoors. We've made deer jerky and deer chili. YUM!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kipton Lee 3.5

A little update on Kipton today. His 3 year birthday was in July and we just had his well visit this week. (I'm a little late) He is 34 pounds which is 64% in weight and 60% in height so he is real proportional. Here are some facts about our second born boy.

He LOVES Karson and acts totally different when he is away from him. 

He is busy and loves to make messes. He loves being outside and has become quite into hunting this season so far. Kipton is my early riser where I am greeted by him each morning around 7am in my bed. He always wants a warm milk. We normally talk, sit by the fire, and drink our milk/coffee.

He is the best shopper. Never complains or wants to leave. Loves to be at the mall. 

A complete class clown. Always wanting to make us laugh. 

Loves hot chocolate and asks for it as soon as he sees a Starbucks. He doesn't eat any vegtables so I have to hid them in  meals. 

He wants to be just like daddy and when Kevin tells him he's beautiful like his mommy he gets mad because he wants to look like daddy (which he does not)

Kipton is very tall. He is very loving and hugs and gives kisses many times throughout the day. 

We love you Kipton! I can't believe you are already 3.5. Time is moving so fast.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

How Special is he...

"Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh." -Ephesians 5:31

Kevin and I were able to have a date night Saturday evening. My parents watched the boys and we had a great time together. We ate dinner, Christmas shopped, and had amazing dessert. It was so nice! I am looking forward to many more dates with this wonderful man. 

Thankful. Blessed. Loved. Grateful. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trick or Treat Night

To have all of my Halloween on record, I thought I would write about the boys trick or treat night. It had been raining all day long on Halloween night. We weren't sure if we would even get to go trick or treating with the weather. However, as it got closer to 6:00 we decided we should go ahead and make our way to Kevin's parents house and start getting ready in hopes that it would still be on. 

My boys were ready to go, but mom wanted a few pictures first! 

The boys had asked if they could go over to Kevin's parents and trick or treat with their cousin Dane. We originally had different plans, but after much pressure from Karson we thought they would have a good time together. The boys were so sweet holding hands and Karson reminded Kipton that he could get hit by a car to hold his hand. 

Shortly after meeting up with cousin Dane (football player) we were on our way to hunt for candy. We walked and walked. Towards the end of our 4th street the boys were getting slower and slower. We knew it was time to get back to Kevin's parents house where our van was and head back to our house.

Kevin was on patrol with the camera while I walked with the kids from door to door. 

We had a great night with family. The boys loved every second and we are loaded with candy.