Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Thankful Post

I have been in a Christmas mood for about two weeks now. However, I am really trying not to rush it and enjoy Thanksgiving. Karson is REALLY into the calendar and knowing what comes next that I would be confusing him to put up the tree or any decorations, and he would ask me about 1,000 questions about why I was doing that. So, in the nature of saving my mind, I will wait until after Thanksgiving. 

I thought I would share some things I am so thankful for this year. 

1. A God who forgives me when I am a normal human and sin daily. As well as always answering my prayers in some sort of way. 

2. For a wonderful husband who is so hard working, caring, laid back, handsome, and FUN! He has the biggest personality and I'm thankful it has been passed down to our boys. He works and works and works, and still has time for us and helps around the house. Such a handyman! 
(this just down right makes me so sad. My baby is so big now!)

3. For my first born son Karson. He was a great baby and and hard toddler, but we have worked our way out of those hard three year old times and we are smooth sailing now at four. What a blessing, and complete JOY he is. So friendly, a HUGE personality just like Kevin. A willingness to help around the house, and be a good "husband in training". He wants to please Kevin and I so he is a hard worker. I am so thankful that Kipton has him to look up to. We are still working on a few things that need fixin' but that's just fine with me. 

4. For my second born son Kipton who is a fire cracker! He has a HUGE personality just like his brother. He completes our family. He is so smart and funny. Such a loving boy who is always giving hugs, kisses to us and the dogs. We are so thankful he has such a kind heart and an imagination bigger than the sky. We just couldn't imagine life without him. 

5. For the best parents ever!!!

6. For a home, that I truly LOVE and feels like it's not even mine sometimes. It's all thanks to my wonderful hard working husband, my dad, and mom. Without all of them we wouldn't have our newly built home. We felt like, and still do that we are living in a dream with our home. It's totally undeserving. 

This Thanksgiving I am hoping that I ALWAYS remember why my life is special, and never compare it with others. I hope I always remember how special my boys are in the midst of hard parenting times and how amazing my husband is despite his long work hours. 

Let's not forget Thanksgiving!

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