Friday, November 15, 2013

I think I love deer hunting??

Kevin had vacation days to blow so he decided to use the rest of them this month for hunting season. This past week he had 8 days off. His mission = get him the big boy! So the boys and I had fun moving deer feeders, filling them with corn, watching deer out the kitchen door, target practicing, hunting out of the blind, and getting 3 deer in those 8 days. The first one was mine. I am proud to say that I killed my first deer this year. Just a doe, but it was fun! The second was also a doe shot by Kevin right out our kitchen door, and the third is this awesome 8 point. Can you tell we are a little excited? I love my Robin Hood. He is sure good with a bow and arrow! 

On his last day home he finally got his wish. Boy was he excited. I wish I had recorded him when we finally tracked him and saw him laying. The excitement was really awesome! I guess this is why people say you can really get buck fever. It was more of a rush than riding a roller coaster. (seriously!)

A few pictures from our 8 days. We sure do miss daddy now that he is back on that cold Ohio River working so hard. But, we know that Thanksgiving is coming up and that will mean more hunting. 

 Kipton is a little slower in walking (just like momma) so we tend to lag behind. That's fine with us, we just enjoy the scenery. Looking for squirrels, and nuts :)

The view from inside the blind. The boys love it. After about 40 minutes they are bored, but I normally whip out the phone and they are good for at least another hour. Meanwhile, Kevin is running the deer down to us. 

I can't believe I love hunting as much as I do. I guess it's all because I live with 3 boys and you don't have much choice. But it's super fun and I love anything outdoors. We've made deer jerky and deer chili. YUM!

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Kelley said...

I love that you join in! What an
Awesome experience and memories for your boys.