Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kipton Lee 3.5

A little update on Kipton today. His 3 year birthday was in July and we just had his well visit this week. (I'm a little late) He is 34 pounds which is 64% in weight and 60% in height so he is real proportional. Here are some facts about our second born boy.

He LOVES Karson and acts totally different when he is away from him. 

He is busy and loves to make messes. He loves being outside and has become quite into hunting this season so far. Kipton is my early riser where I am greeted by him each morning around 7am in my bed. He always wants a warm milk. We normally talk, sit by the fire, and drink our milk/coffee.

He is the best shopper. Never complains or wants to leave. Loves to be at the mall. 

A complete class clown. Always wanting to make us laugh. 

Loves hot chocolate and asks for it as soon as he sees a Starbucks. He doesn't eat any vegtables so I have to hid them in  meals. 

He wants to be just like daddy and when Kevin tells him he's beautiful like his mommy he gets mad because he wants to look like daddy (which he does not)

Kipton is very tall. He is very loving and hugs and gives kisses many times throughout the day. 

We love you Kipton! I can't believe you are already 3.5. Time is moving so fast.

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