Friday, November 22, 2013

High Five for Friday

I thought I would join in for the "High Five for Friday" link up that is HERE!

1. I have been pinning Burlap Door Hangers for a while now, but just made mine this cute Turkey this past week. It was super fun and I really enjoy it on the pantry door. My PINTEREST boards are here!

2. Kipton had his first dentist appointment this past week and did great. He sat in the chair and let her just clean and brush and poke around in his teeth and didn't say a word. I was so thankful for a great dentist appointment. He also cracked his front tooth when he was a baby and the dentist said it was just fine, and it will fall out when he is around 6 or 7. After his appointment we went to Chickfila for lunch just the two of us and then to Hobby Lobby. I'm pretty sure the boys know that's moms favorite store because the other night Kipton said he was thankful for Hoppy Loppy. :)

3. I am so weird about my floors and sweepers. I sweep the WHOLE house daily. I miss dusting a lot, but I always sweep the floors. I recently bought this small sweeper from Walmart for like $27.00 and it's so small and GREAT for the boys. They are really into sweeper for me. SCORE!

4. The other evening we had to drop off food at church and we were around the area to see Kevin at work. We called him and thankfully he was close to us. So we parked the van and sat by the Ohio River to wait for his boat to drive past. The boys had the BEST time watching Kevin and his deckhands working. It was seriously their favorite day ever. Kevin had to deliver a barge and then he came back to see us again this time he got even closer. What a ball!

5. We are offically on Thanksgiving Break from preschool!! Woohoo! Karson wanted to wear his hunting shirt to school to show his friends that he is a hunter for turkey. HAHA! I thought that was just too good of an idea to pass up. Little brother however is quite the fashion statement in his tall socks and flashlight ready to take Karson to school. 

We have Kevin home this weekend with us! So excited. Have a great weekend!


Miranda said...

I loved your post!! :) Your boys are so fun to read about - I LOVE your turkey craft!!!

Kelley said...

love the turkey! Happy Thanksgiving - enjoy your special week with your darling family.