Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trick or Treat Night

To have all of my Halloween on record, I thought I would write about the boys trick or treat night. It had been raining all day long on Halloween night. We weren't sure if we would even get to go trick or treating with the weather. However, as it got closer to 6:00 we decided we should go ahead and make our way to Kevin's parents house and start getting ready in hopes that it would still be on. 

My boys were ready to go, but mom wanted a few pictures first! 

The boys had asked if they could go over to Kevin's parents and trick or treat with their cousin Dane. We originally had different plans, but after much pressure from Karson we thought they would have a good time together. The boys were so sweet holding hands and Karson reminded Kipton that he could get hit by a car to hold his hand. 

Shortly after meeting up with cousin Dane (football player) we were on our way to hunt for candy. We walked and walked. Towards the end of our 4th street the boys were getting slower and slower. We knew it was time to get back to Kevin's parents house where our van was and head back to our house.

Kevin was on patrol with the camera while I walked with the kids from door to door. 

We had a great night with family. The boys loved every second and we are loaded with candy. 

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Karen said...

flip flops on Halloween you are either lucky or cold. Our Halloween "witch" was the week before Halloween was so brutally cold it was nearly unfair. But we still went out in layers and had a wonderful time