Monday, November 4, 2013

Karson's Halloween Party

Little shark doesn't seem to happy, but let me tell you he was THRILLED to get to go to Karson's preschool party. He thought he was being included in preschool and that just made his whole day. 

My fisherman and shark were ready for the party. 

Friends. Boys. 

Karson has enjoyed his preschool friends so much this year. They sang about 6 different songs, marched around the fellowship hall, and had the kids come up one by one and tell what costume they were wearing. It was so cute! Then they did a little trick or treating with the parents all lined up. Karson had the best time. 

The boys are already talking about what they want to be next year. Lord help us! Let's not rush life away boys. 

After our preschool party, we joined up with our favorite boy friends and went to the famous Pumpkin House in our town. It has over 2,000 pumpkins and ever one is carved a different way. They are all lit up at night but it is so crowded so we decided going during the day was better for our crew. 

The boys had fun deciding what pumpkin they liked best. 

Thankful for friends!

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Karen said...

They are adorable and even though the grumpy face in this picture I understand the excitement, then and building up to it, of getting to go to your older brothers school for anything. Awe I love that about siblings :)

That pumpkin house is awesome I wish it was mine.