Saturday, November 2, 2013

Catch up!

Hello November! I can't believe your here. 

We have had such a busy fall. I thought I would post some pictures to help me remember life in the fall with two boys at 4 and 3. So far this is my favorite age range. They are both such a joy!

Karson couldn't love preschool more. He is learning so much in this 4 year old class. He comes home singing songs, telling me letter sounds, sings the days of the week, months of the year, and has many many friends he talks about. Karson also prefers being dropped off in the car line instead of me walking him in. Horray! It is a great thing. 

While big brother is at preschool 3 mornings a week this boy soaks up the alone time and enjoys riding to school in his pajamas! After drop off we clean house, run errands, play with friends, or cram some educational time in those 3 hours. They go by fast.

Another picture from last week where Karson was ready for school in his Halloween shirt and brother was still in his pajamas :)

We got to meet Ronald McDonald after a fall parade and the boys were so excited to get this close. 

We have checked out a new walking path in our local park, and taught Kipton the fun of Candy Land. He officially beats his momma now. 

We have enjoyed all of the Halloween festivities and trick or treated in our old neighborhood. 

This is time I'll never get back and I'm soaking it all up with my two favorite guys and their daddy. So thankful that I am home and my number 1 job is them! 

Hoping to stay more caught up. I'll be thankful for this blog in 20 years. 

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Karen said...

haha I just love you and Karson for the drop off line too cute! But it lets you stay in the warm car drinking coffee all that much longer