Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Fireplace was a DIY!

We have finished up another project this week! Our fireplace/built in bookshelves have been on hold for the past 2 years. I am so thankful we were able to do this project right in time for the winter months. My husband has learned to be quite the handy man since we built our home almost 3 years ago. He has finished our house with trim, interior doors, painting, outdoor projects, multiple "fixes" that weren't expected, and even built our fireplace. We are very happy with how it turned out. 

First thing he put in the actual "fireplace" insert. We chose a gas log insert with a blower that would heat our entire level. Our last house had a wood burning stove and it was really too much on me trying to get it going with 2 little ones and a husband who is gone a lot with work. Not to mention the fact that the last month we were there, I almost caught the whole house on fire with it. (long story) So I knew that a gas log idea was best for our family even though wood burning would be cheaper and "more fun" in Kevin's eyes :)

The boys were THRILLED when we started this. I expanded our project and suggested that we add a hearth at the bottom for me to sit things on and a place for pictures, etc. It all had to be done with wood that was flame resistant. 

Next game the framing in of the fireplace. We had to have wood around it in order for us to put the stones on something. 

We picked a stone from Lowes called "Air stone". It is very easy to work with it gave the country look I was hoping for without the huge stone price. 

After all of the framing was done, Kevin started with the stone work. He had to cut all of the stone with a hack saw which took a lot of time. We wanted to keep the stones looking rough and different so it was like a puzzle piecing them all together. 

I am THRILLED with the completed look. It was everything I was hoping for, for half of the price. 


Kelley said...

Wow, it looks beautiful and so cozy!!

Karen said...

It is beautiful! I can't wait to see the post where you will be watching a fireplace on the tv and have the other going too. It will happen sometime I bet :)

Lindsey Mckenzie said...

If you told me that you guys did the fireplace all by yourselves without seeing this post, I probably would have been skeptical. It just looks so well done, that people would assume a professional had a hand in it. Anyway, choosing gas logs was the right call. Kevin may be right that wood may burn more prettily than gas logs, but safety should always be first. Not only is this more effective, but you can rest easy knowing the fact that your house won't burn down if it's left unattended. I hope you're enjoying this fireplace of yours! Cheers!

Lindsey Mckenzie @ Buchanan Fire & Outdoor