Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1st Visit to the Firestation

Last week we had the chance to visit the Barboursville Fire Department with the Mother's Club. It was on a Friday and Kevin was off work so he kept Kipton home and I took Karson. It was super fun because it was like a special morning date! We went to breakfast before and then went over to the firestation to see the trucks and learn about the firemen. Karson had a blast and visited with his pals. Here are a few pictures of our fun morning together!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 2 - Comment Challenege

The main reason I started blogging was because I just had our 2nd son and I was NOT good about finding the time to write in their baby books. I am a slow writer, but a fast typer. So I thought this would be a great way to document the things that the boys do and their developments/milestones.

I started blogging in May 2011. So just a little over a year. I terribly want to purchase a blog book but they are about $75.00 so I think I will hold off on those for a while. I would LOVE to do 1 book per year of blogs.

I normally am a pretty boring blogger. Just the everyday things that the boys and I do. The mom's group that we are in, and things at church, and the family events that we do. I am not a great cook, nor a great photographer but I try at both.

I have a passion for decorating my home in country/primitive decor and would like to do some DIY crafts from Pinterest and blog about those. However, in the day to day life of having 2 boys 16 months apart I am just trying to make it day to day and have 3 meals, a semi clean house, and everyone fed bathed and have some kind of fun/educational learning each day.

Another passion I have is teaching my children. With a degree in education it is kind of embedded into your thinking when you have studied it for 5 years in college. So I would love to start doing activities that I have stored up and blog about those, but again time is not on my side.

Hopefully, I will change up my blog someday, but for now it's just a memory book :)

Happy Tuesday

Monday, June 25, 2012

Comment Challenge

If you are here from Jenna's Journey Comment Challenge then


My name is Stacy. I live with my husband Kevin and our two boys Karson and Kipton in West Virginia. I have lived in WV all of my life. (yes we wear shoes, and have ALL of our teeth despite the Appalachia jokes) HAHA!
We also have two Maltese dogs: Lexi & Bailey and 7 chickens and 1 rooster :)

I am a stay at home mom. I recently finished my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education K-6.
My husband is a River Boat Pilot on the Ohio River.

Our two boys are 16 months apart. Karson is our oldest son who is 3 years old on March 10th. Kipton is our youngest son and he is 23 months and due to have a birthday on July 20th. We did not expect to have our boys this close in age, but that is what God wanted for our family and I can see why. They are such a joy and we are so thankful we have them both.

Hope you enjoy reading our family blog and come back soon!!

Great-Grandma turns 100!

Celebrating 100th birthday

My great-grandma is celebrating her 100th birthday on December 6th of this year. All of the family from WI, and Iowa decided to go ahead and have her a big celebration in June so that bad weather doesn't keep anyone from traveling to West Virginia.

Here was the newspaper write up about her:
Zelma (Wetzbarger) Olsen is turning 100 on Dec. 6, 2012.
June 16, 2012 @ 12:00 AM
Zelma (Wetzbarger) Olsen is turning 100 on Dec. 6, 2012. Here is some information about Olsen and her 100 years:
Birthplace: Frankfort, S.D.
Hometown: Estherville, Iowa.
Current residence: Rivers Bend Nursing Home, South Point, Ohio.
Family: Five children: Alfred (deceased) (Rhoda), Appleton, Wisc.; Dwayne (Myrna), Racine, Wisc.; Julia (Don) Sullivan, Huntington; Lyman (Donna), Iowa Falls, Iowa; Arthur (Kathy), New Ulm, Minn.; 12 grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren; 4 great-great grandchildren; Sister: Maxine Mason, Redfield, S.D.
Celebration plans: Forty-nine members of her family gathered in Huntington and South Point, Ohio, the weekend of June 15-16
Education: Redfield (SD) High School.
Occupations: Housewife; work for various companies.
Special achievements: Raising five children.
Hobbies: Sewing, crocheting, raising a garden, listening to books on CDs.
Childhood memory: Growing up in South Dakota; swimming in the creek near their home.
Secret to longevity: Taking life a day at a time.

On Friday they had drinks and appetizers at the motel where the family came in to stay here in WV. We went over and met with lots of cousins and aunts/uncles and grandparents. The boys had a good time playing with cousins that had only met one other time.

On Saturday we went to great-grandma's nursing home where we had a party for her in the activity room. We just had cake and juice. It was a super small room and there were about 50 peole in there. The kids were feeling a little crunched but they had a good time playing with cousins.

Kipton loved hugging Katelyn

Karson playing on the Iphone with Aunt Amanda

The boys and their cousin from Texas running trucks and trains through the hallway. We were trying hard to keep them entertained and confined for more than 2 hours.

It was so funny to see that all of the boys were so into technology. Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, just to keep them entertained and happy in such an adult type setting.

We had a great time! Hoping that I can get some pictures e-mailed to me soon of all the family together. I took my camera but didn't get to take many pictures because of chasing 2 boys down :)

Ahh such is life!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Show us your LIfe - Dining Rooms

Today on Kelly's Korner she is featuring Show us your Dining Rooms. When decided on our house plan to build our house I choose one with out a formal dining room.

We had one at our last house, but just really felt like it wasn't necessary and wanted to save our square footage for bigger kitchen/living room and bedrooms. So we just have our kitchen/dining room table in our big kitchen area. We love it!!

A little table in that space where the kitchen table is.

I am really happy with our decision to just stay with the kitchen table in the kitchen area and not have a formal dining room. I am hoping to soon paint our kitchen and living room.

I have been trying to help our family out in the "trying to save money on pictures" department. So I pulled out my big Canon yesterday and took the boys to a barn nearby and tried to get some pictures for the 4th of July! One of my favorite holidays.

I LOVE this one of Kipton. It looks like an old timey picture. I will get some more up soon.

Happy Weekend!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kipton-23 months

Kipton, you are 23 months old TODAY! 6/20/12

I normally can never remember to do an update on you on your ACTUAL month birthday, but
I remembered this time. Cut me some slack, you and your brother keep me pretty busy!

You are FULL of life just like Karson. You have a mind of your own though. The 2 year old tantrums are in rare force! You are full throttle most of the time. There have been the thrown yourself on the floor type fits over the past few months. We are trying to ignore your fits, but it's hard.

But you also have a very sweet side! You talk in full sentences now. I am pretty sure you are even more advanced of a talker than Karson was at your age. I am pretty sure that is because you hear Karson talk so well all day long and pick up on everything very fast.

You normally wake up around 8:00 and want your milk first thing. You are pretty demanding about getting your drinks, and food. You take a nap at 1:00 until 4:00 which is super nice because it gives me a pretty awesome break. Karson is still taking a nap right along with you!

You are still taking your paci and a blanket when you sleep, and your still in your crib. You will probably be there for some time because I don't think I can do two kids getting out of bed.

It has been so hot lately, so we have been making many trips to Nana's pool. You DO NOT really like the pool. You don't want to wear your swim vest and once you get in, you are ready to get out and jump in from the ladder. We try to go to the pool for Karson, but you are normally never happy there.

Last week we had Karson in bible school all week. You LOVED getting alone time with mommy/daddy for those 2 hours while Karson was there. You also loved going to pick up Karson so you could see all of the kids and see what they were doing there. You are still talking about
"bible skuu"

There is just 1 more month until your 2nd birthday. Time has really gone by fast. Karson is insisting that you have a tractor party, so I think that would be a good idea. You do love tractors!!

Happy 23rd Birthday Kippy!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

The boys are SUPER lucky to have Kevin as their daddy. As well as ME having him as a husband.

We had Kevin's favorite dinner waiting for him when he got home from work at 7pm. Beans, cornbread, and fried potatoes. A good southern meal :)

We gave him the car and duck that the boys picked out and painted at The Pottery Place last week. We also painted bird houses for him to hand in trees around the house. We also made him a chocolate pie, his favorite! Hope he enjoyed his 3rd Father's Day!!

These boys LOVE their daddy!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Karson's 1st VBS


Kipton felt he needed a picture of Monday's outfit too! :)

Tuesday after getting home from bible school.

Karson got some new Power Ranger window clings for his toy room for being so good at bible school. I tried to have a "small/simple" special prize for him when he got in the car if Shelly had said he was good. So I had to come up with 5 "special prizes". This night was the power ranger clings I found.

The boys one night after bible school. They asked to play for a little bit and they are loving this silly wood pile that Kevin stacked up a few days ago. They claim that there are snakes in there and they are looking for them with flashlights. HA HA

Wednesday! I found Karson a new pair of Birks for super cheap. I was so excited because his navy pair from last year is just about too small. We are squeezing every single inch out of those suckers!

Heading out to bible school, but one quick picture with momma to prove that she is alive and not just behind the camera :)

Thursday after bible school. With his special "ring pop".

Friday before going into church. Friday evening was the performance for the parents and a party afterwards. I had MUCH hesitation for this performance because I know backward Karson is about this kind of thing. He does NOT like a lot of attention.

He got up on the stage but shortly wanted to come back down and sit in the front row with his teachers. I went up to sit with him and he sat quietly and watch the performance. To be honest I was pretty bummed about the whole thing, but he had a great week and never complained/cried/whined once about going. He loved every single second and that is big for a 3 year old. So I was okay with him not getting up on the stage.

Towards the end he did get up there and do the last song. You can barely see him but there was so much movement that it was hard to get a good picture.

Here is Hayden (right) and Karson at the after party. Hayden is Shelly's son and he is the one that invited Karson. My hope is for Karson to see what a great example Hayden is and follow in that direction for God.

What a great reward for a great week!! So thankful that my big boy did 6 great nights of VBS all by himself. We are so proud of you Karson! You are already asking me when does it start back up again. We will have to wait a whole year :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Busy Summer Days

We have had a busy week! Karson is going to his very first experience at VBS. He is having the time of his life!! I never would have dreamed he would LOVE it this much, but he is.
 It's such an answer to prayer.

Karson is at Burlington Baptist where Shelly Rea (our old babysitter) goes. Because our church doesn't have VBS at our church, we thought this would be a great place for Karson to go because Shelly is his teacher. He is with Pre-K and Kindergarten kids.
Here he is on Monday evening.

We drive 30 minutes away from where we live and so we have to pass the time for 2 hours while he is there. We normally take Kipton and look around at Lowes, Sams, or Walmart or visit with Kevin's parents because they live close to the church.

In the mornings we have been keeping it pretty low key so that Karson isn't too tired by the evening. This is his experience and he is loving it. He says "Kippy can't go to Bible School because he's too little and I'm a big boy".

We have been playing lots outside in this nice weather!!

And getting Father's Day gifts ready for daddy!!

And getting very messy and having to take a morning bath!

Getting to Bible School at 6pm has been quite the challenge, but we've made it being only 5 minutes late each night. It sure is hard getting 2 boys to eat and ready by 6pm when they won't eat until around 5:00. Friday he will have his performance and a party afterwards to celebrate the week they've had at VBS. I am so proud of him!

Monday, June 11, 2012

New Playgroup

We recently joined a new playgroup in our area. This week we had lots of activities to join in on. The boys have really had a great time getting together with the other boys/girls their age.

On Tuesday we went to the Pottery Place in Pullman.
We painted for Father's Day and it was so sweet. The boys did way better than I ever expected. There were only 5 mothers and their children who came. I think a lot of moms were afraid of breaking something in the store so many opted out of coming.

Kipton choose a car to paint for Kevin. He LOVED it!!

Karson choose a duck for Kevin. I was surprised by their pickings. Most of the other mothers had their child paint a Father's Day mug but I felt like the boys should pick their own. I'm sure Kevin will be surprised to see a car and duck, but he will love it no matter what!

Karson has asked many times why we couldn't take the duck and car home. Today, a week later he reminded me again and I had forgotten that we pick them up tomorrow. So thankful for a toddler who has a memory like no other!!

On Wednesday, we met at the mall for playtime at the play area. I did not get any pictures of this because the boys were not the best that day. This too shall pass!!

On Friday, we visited the a local petting zoo, farm, museum. Heritage Farm. This is actually the place that Kevin and I got married. It was packed with mommas and their little ones. The boys had a great time!!

Rocking on the old front porch :)

Then we took a wagon ride. It went all around the farm and showed us many farm animals outside. Cow, donkeys, dogs, pigs, goats. While we stopped to see the farm animals, the tractor broke down!! HAHA, just the luck for moms with little ones. Thankfully, they got it started and we were back on our ride.

Karson making new friends. They both had a blast!!

The boys by the HUGE bull Betsie. Karson was in heaven on this farm. He is a FARM BOY!

Right after this picture, my camera died. I was super upset, but it was my fault for not charging the battery. So after the wagon ride we broke up into groups and first we visited the rest of the farm animals. There we saw goats, pigs, chickens, bunnies, turtles, sheep, lamas, horses, peacock, and roosters. It really surprised me that Karson wanted mainly to see the chickens. Even though we have chickens here he still wanted to see them. Kipton really loved the sheep. He would scream with excitement when he touched it's skin.

After petting the animals and visiting the museum about the "olden days", we had a picnic lunch. After eating we went over to the little play area they had there. I wanted to remember one thing that happened during this. As the boys were playing and many kids were running and the mothers were talking, I look over to see that Karson is on top of the train and peeing off of the train onto the grass. OMG!!!! YES, that is my child! Soo embarrassed. I quickly rushed over to pull up his pants and it ended up getting all over my legs. I took us behind a building to wipe us up and finish letting him pee "in private". Even though I am mortified, I have to remember that he was potty trained in the summer outside a lot, and he does it all the time while we are home. I guess in his mind there is no different, but we will defiantly be working on this now!!!

We had a great week last week and look forward to many more play times.

This week we are beginning a new adventure!
Karson is going to VBS. I thought this would be a great thing for Karson. Mainly because I feel he needs time away from Kipton. He will be going each night from 6-8. I can't wait to share how he did. I'm sure he is going to LOVE it. He will be in class with Avery and Shelly (the babysitter we had while I was in school). I can't wait to see his reaction and excitement for Jesus!!