Monday, June 11, 2012

New Playgroup

We recently joined a new playgroup in our area. This week we had lots of activities to join in on. The boys have really had a great time getting together with the other boys/girls their age.

On Tuesday we went to the Pottery Place in Pullman.
We painted for Father's Day and it was so sweet. The boys did way better than I ever expected. There were only 5 mothers and their children who came. I think a lot of moms were afraid of breaking something in the store so many opted out of coming.

Kipton choose a car to paint for Kevin. He LOVED it!!

Karson choose a duck for Kevin. I was surprised by their pickings. Most of the other mothers had their child paint a Father's Day mug but I felt like the boys should pick their own. I'm sure Kevin will be surprised to see a car and duck, but he will love it no matter what!

Karson has asked many times why we couldn't take the duck and car home. Today, a week later he reminded me again and I had forgotten that we pick them up tomorrow. So thankful for a toddler who has a memory like no other!!

On Wednesday, we met at the mall for playtime at the play area. I did not get any pictures of this because the boys were not the best that day. This too shall pass!!

On Friday, we visited the a local petting zoo, farm, museum. Heritage Farm. This is actually the place that Kevin and I got married. It was packed with mommas and their little ones. The boys had a great time!!

Rocking on the old front porch :)

Then we took a wagon ride. It went all around the farm and showed us many farm animals outside. Cow, donkeys, dogs, pigs, goats. While we stopped to see the farm animals, the tractor broke down!! HAHA, just the luck for moms with little ones. Thankfully, they got it started and we were back on our ride.

Karson making new friends. They both had a blast!!

The boys by the HUGE bull Betsie. Karson was in heaven on this farm. He is a FARM BOY!

Right after this picture, my camera died. I was super upset, but it was my fault for not charging the battery. So after the wagon ride we broke up into groups and first we visited the rest of the farm animals. There we saw goats, pigs, chickens, bunnies, turtles, sheep, lamas, horses, peacock, and roosters. It really surprised me that Karson wanted mainly to see the chickens. Even though we have chickens here he still wanted to see them. Kipton really loved the sheep. He would scream with excitement when he touched it's skin.

After petting the animals and visiting the museum about the "olden days", we had a picnic lunch. After eating we went over to the little play area they had there. I wanted to remember one thing that happened during this. As the boys were playing and many kids were running and the mothers were talking, I look over to see that Karson is on top of the train and peeing off of the train onto the grass. OMG!!!! YES, that is my child! Soo embarrassed. I quickly rushed over to pull up his pants and it ended up getting all over my legs. I took us behind a building to wipe us up and finish letting him pee "in private". Even though I am mortified, I have to remember that he was potty trained in the summer outside a lot, and he does it all the time while we are home. I guess in his mind there is no different, but we will defiantly be working on this now!!!

We had a great week last week and look forward to many more play times.

This week we are beginning a new adventure!
Karson is going to VBS. I thought this would be a great thing for Karson. Mainly because I feel he needs time away from Kipton. He will be going each night from 6-8. I can't wait to share how he did. I'm sure he is going to LOVE it. He will be in class with Avery and Shelly (the babysitter we had while I was in school). I can't wait to see his reaction and excitement for Jesus!!

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