Thursday, June 14, 2012

Busy Summer Days

We have had a busy week! Karson is going to his very first experience at VBS. He is having the time of his life!! I never would have dreamed he would LOVE it this much, but he is.
 It's such an answer to prayer.

Karson is at Burlington Baptist where Shelly Rea (our old babysitter) goes. Because our church doesn't have VBS at our church, we thought this would be a great place for Karson to go because Shelly is his teacher. He is with Pre-K and Kindergarten kids.
Here he is on Monday evening.

We drive 30 minutes away from where we live and so we have to pass the time for 2 hours while he is there. We normally take Kipton and look around at Lowes, Sams, or Walmart or visit with Kevin's parents because they live close to the church.

In the mornings we have been keeping it pretty low key so that Karson isn't too tired by the evening. This is his experience and he is loving it. He says "Kippy can't go to Bible School because he's too little and I'm a big boy".

We have been playing lots outside in this nice weather!!

And getting Father's Day gifts ready for daddy!!

And getting very messy and having to take a morning bath!

Getting to Bible School at 6pm has been quite the challenge, but we've made it being only 5 minutes late each night. It sure is hard getting 2 boys to eat and ready by 6pm when they won't eat until around 5:00. Friday he will have his performance and a party afterwards to celebrate the week they've had at VBS. I am so proud of him!

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