Saturday, June 16, 2012

Karson's 1st VBS


Kipton felt he needed a picture of Monday's outfit too! :)

Tuesday after getting home from bible school.

Karson got some new Power Ranger window clings for his toy room for being so good at bible school. I tried to have a "small/simple" special prize for him when he got in the car if Shelly had said he was good. So I had to come up with 5 "special prizes". This night was the power ranger clings I found.

The boys one night after bible school. They asked to play for a little bit and they are loving this silly wood pile that Kevin stacked up a few days ago. They claim that there are snakes in there and they are looking for them with flashlights. HA HA

Wednesday! I found Karson a new pair of Birks for super cheap. I was so excited because his navy pair from last year is just about too small. We are squeezing every single inch out of those suckers!

Heading out to bible school, but one quick picture with momma to prove that she is alive and not just behind the camera :)

Thursday after bible school. With his special "ring pop".

Friday before going into church. Friday evening was the performance for the parents and a party afterwards. I had MUCH hesitation for this performance because I know backward Karson is about this kind of thing. He does NOT like a lot of attention.

He got up on the stage but shortly wanted to come back down and sit in the front row with his teachers. I went up to sit with him and he sat quietly and watch the performance. To be honest I was pretty bummed about the whole thing, but he had a great week and never complained/cried/whined once about going. He loved every single second and that is big for a 3 year old. So I was okay with him not getting up on the stage.

Towards the end he did get up there and do the last song. You can barely see him but there was so much movement that it was hard to get a good picture.

Here is Hayden (right) and Karson at the after party. Hayden is Shelly's son and he is the one that invited Karson. My hope is for Karson to see what a great example Hayden is and follow in that direction for God.

What a great reward for a great week!! So thankful that my big boy did 6 great nights of VBS all by himself. We are so proud of you Karson! You are already asking me when does it start back up again. We will have to wait a whole year :)

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