Monday, June 25, 2012

Comment Challenge

If you are here from Jenna's Journey Comment Challenge then


My name is Stacy. I live with my husband Kevin and our two boys Karson and Kipton in West Virginia. I have lived in WV all of my life. (yes we wear shoes, and have ALL of our teeth despite the Appalachia jokes) HAHA!
We also have two Maltese dogs: Lexi & Bailey and 7 chickens and 1 rooster :)

I am a stay at home mom. I recently finished my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education K-6.
My husband is a River Boat Pilot on the Ohio River.

Our two boys are 16 months apart. Karson is our oldest son who is 3 years old on March 10th. Kipton is our youngest son and he is 23 months and due to have a birthday on July 20th. We did not expect to have our boys this close in age, but that is what God wanted for our family and I can see why. They are such a joy and we are so thankful we have them both.

Hope you enjoy reading our family blog and come back soon!!

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