Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kipton-23 months

Kipton, you are 23 months old TODAY! 6/20/12

I normally can never remember to do an update on you on your ACTUAL month birthday, but
I remembered this time. Cut me some slack, you and your brother keep me pretty busy!

You are FULL of life just like Karson. You have a mind of your own though. The 2 year old tantrums are in rare force! You are full throttle most of the time. There have been the thrown yourself on the floor type fits over the past few months. We are trying to ignore your fits, but it's hard.

But you also have a very sweet side! You talk in full sentences now. I am pretty sure you are even more advanced of a talker than Karson was at your age. I am pretty sure that is because you hear Karson talk so well all day long and pick up on everything very fast.

You normally wake up around 8:00 and want your milk first thing. You are pretty demanding about getting your drinks, and food. You take a nap at 1:00 until 4:00 which is super nice because it gives me a pretty awesome break. Karson is still taking a nap right along with you!

You are still taking your paci and a blanket when you sleep, and your still in your crib. You will probably be there for some time because I don't think I can do two kids getting out of bed.

It has been so hot lately, so we have been making many trips to Nana's pool. You DO NOT really like the pool. You don't want to wear your swim vest and once you get in, you are ready to get out and jump in from the ladder. We try to go to the pool for Karson, but you are normally never happy there.

Last week we had Karson in bible school all week. You LOVED getting alone time with mommy/daddy for those 2 hours while Karson was there. You also loved going to pick up Karson so you could see all of the kids and see what they were doing there. You are still talking about
"bible skuu"

There is just 1 more month until your 2nd birthday. Time has really gone by fast. Karson is insisting that you have a tractor party, so I think that would be a good idea. You do love tractors!!

Happy 23rd Birthday Kippy!!

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