Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Photos from our Homestead

I am SO thankful it's FINALLY Spring! 

My winter pansies are also happy to be out of dormant stage. They are lifting up as if they are speaking to the skies! I am so giddy about these flowers. It's been such a long winter. 

Many new sprouts showing up this past week.

We've had to cut 4 trees this spring. We are stocking up on firewood. 

The boys are normally always willing to help around the house. They gather the eggs for me, clean out ditches, feed and water the chickens. 

Kipton is our chicken catcher. He can catch them any way he can. By the feet, wings, head, you name it he can catch it that way! He is not afraid of ANYTHING, and has a very GO get em personality.

Our baby chicks are growing so much. This picture is from when we first brought them home. They are getting their personalities now. Trying to peck at me when I change the water and food. 

We are getting 70 degree weather this week. 

Spring is such a happy season. Even through the rough winters, God brings us fresh new life!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Karson's Party and DAY of birth!

This post is mainly for me to remember his birthday. Karson asked us many months ago for a jumpy place birthday party. Even though it's pricey, we agreed. (Then told each other we would never do it again)

He had his cousin, brother, and 4 friends there. He had the best time and hardly stopped for gifts or cake. 

They jumped and jumped!

Little brother had the best time as well. About half way through the party Mickey and Minnie Mouse came out in full costume and greeted all of the kids. 

Kipton loved it, Karson laughed and hid from Mickey. True to size for them. 

Karson got to take a special snack to preschool for his birthday on Monday. We searched Pinterest together weeks prior and he had his heart set on these dirt cups with worms. He said his friends loved them and their chocolate faces at pick up proved that! 

After his morning of school, we took him to do all of his favorite things. 

First up: Fishing at his favorite spot. A lake nearby our house.

We skipped rocks, fished, played in the dirt, made a cave, and ate snacks. 

After fishing we played at the playground for nearly 2 hours. 

Karson has been waiting for his birthday because for the past 3 year he has bought baby chicks with his birthday money. So we took him to pick them up. 

He bought 6 chicks. 4 of them are for sure hens, and we aren't sure about the other two. They are so sweet and frail right now. I try to keep the boys away from them as much as possible until they get a little older, but normally that doesn't happen! 

After buying chicks we came home to give them a tour of their new home the boys and Kevin built.

We shot BB guns, played some more outside, and cooked his birthday dinner of request: hamburgers on the grill.

We ate, sang happy birthday again, and spent our evening soaking in life with our 5 year old at 7:37pm on March 10. 

We are so grateful and thankful God sent us Karson. 

Our Top 5 Favorite Board Games

I thought it would be fun to show our favorite board games. Keep in mind my boys are 3 and 5.

Our favorite board game at this time is Farm-Opoly. It's a version of monopoly, but not as complicated. It does give large amounts of money to use, but I just keep it simple. I give my boys 20's, 10's, 5's, and 1's since they know those numbers. They love to see who can keep the most money, especially Karson our 5 year old. 

Another favorite is HEDBANZ. It's so fun for everyone! Sometimes it can be challenging to explain how to play to a three year old. We make it easy for him and give him prompts to ask us when it's his turn. The whole family can play this game.

The boys got Gooey Louie for Christmas. It's a man with "fake boogers" in his nose. So good for boys :)
You roll a dice and the number that shows is how many slimies you pull out. When you pull a certain one his brain will pop out and your the loser. They have loved this game this winter.

A similar game is Boom Boom Balloon. It's has the same concept as Gouie Louie, but with a balloon. Karson (5) doesn't like loud noises so he's not so crazy about this game. Kipton loves it and is not scared to pop the balloon. (I secretly also hate the pop noise)

Lastly, a family favorite has been Hi Ho Cheery for a few years now. It's great for math skills, as well as cognitive skills. You use counting, and color skills. 

The only down side to this game is the small pieces. They are easy to loose, as well as the small buckets that hold the pieces. 

We have played at least 2 board games, per day this winter. It's a great way to keep from too much screen time. I always urge the boys to think of board games they want for birthdays/Christmas instead of toys that will get tossed in the bottom of a tub in a few months. 

So, turn off the TV/iPad/video games and play a board game as a family. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dirty Boys

Why are boys so attracted to dirt? Not just dirt, but squishy mud. If my boys see mud, they make a run for it. My dad has been doing some more dozing work for us. He built a new road to where we will build our barn. As soon as the first sight of new dirt was moved, off the boys went to play. 

My boys are big boot wearers. They have worn them all fall and winter, and now they are hinting that they are hot. I must get to Target this week and get some crocs. 

Saturday, we made a morning trip to Lowes and I just HAD to purchase some pansies. So after getting a little work out of my boys, they went straight to the muddy ditch. It was 75 degrees this day, don't worry they were being cared for :)

Just a few mud push ups to get this workout going.

It was almost time for dinner anyway, so off we went to the bath. 

It's true: Boys are humans with dirt. 

Kevin's Aunt (who is sadly loosing her mind) told me that dirt makes boys smart. 

My boys should be rocket scientist then :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014

Today we celebrated St. Patricks Day at home, being snowed in for the 18th time, in our pajamas. Nevertheless, we had a good day! 

I like to decorate for the holidays. It's so much fun when your kids love it too!!

This leprechaun has been on our table for a few weeks and has helped me with behavior. I tell the boys that he will turn and watch you if your being ugly at the table. They DON'T want to be the one he is watching so they are extra quiet and extra still :) 

Karson has made some cute decorations at school and this one is my favorite. 

This morning we had green milk and green pancakes with turkey bacon. 

(I have tried turkey bacon with the boys several times and each time they told me it tasted funny. Today, they did not! Praise the Lord. It is half the price and better for you than pork)

For lunch, we had green fruits and these green ice cubes in our water. Last night I filled this tray with water and 1 drop of green food coloring. I let them freeze last night. 

They loved their green water!! So easy and fun. 

For dinner we had more green water as our drinks. After our chicken and baked potatoe dinner, we had green vanilla pudding with green sprinkles. 

Mr. Leprechaun brought them magically to our fridge!! :)

Hope you and your little ones have had a great green day. At dinner, Karson said "So mom can we put out our Easter stuff now?" 

He sure does know how things work around here! We love to decorate and enjoy the seasons. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Chicks are Here!!!

Around the first of March, our local farming stores all get their shipments of baby chicks. Our boys have purchased them for the past 3 years and this year they were just as excited. Karson normally recieves birthday money on his birthday and wants to use it towards chicks.  

It's always one of the best days of spring when we bring them home. We have to watch the boys like a hawk. Kipton more than Karson because he just snuggles and loves on them, sometimes a little too hard. 

They are so small this year. We got them at 3 days old, instead of years past when they were weeks old. 

Every year Bailey acts like a crazy chick guard dog. He follows them when they are out and jumps after them. I really have to watch him closely too.

This year Kevin and the boys built a new chick pen. It's always tradition to build a new pen out of pallets. Kevin loves getting on Pinterest and looking up pallet building projects. 

They built this pen for about $6.00. Kevin gets free pallets from work and we save them up all winter. The only thing he bought was the wire and some bracers. 

Every time Kevin goes to the hardware store he brings more chicks home. I think we are up to 12 now. 

I love the baby chick stage and love to see them grow and then begin to lay eggs. I do NOT enjoy them roaming all over my garage and porches. lol They know if they come to my back porch they will get left overs. 

If you're considering chickens in your homestead, you won't regret it. It has been the best learning and responsibility process we could have for our boys. 

Once you have your cage built, they are pretty low maintenance. Feeding and collecting eggs each day which maybe takes 10 minutes. 

I'm so thankful Spring is here!!!