Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014

Today we celebrated St. Patricks Day at home, being snowed in for the 18th time, in our pajamas. Nevertheless, we had a good day! 

I like to decorate for the holidays. It's so much fun when your kids love it too!!

This leprechaun has been on our table for a few weeks and has helped me with behavior. I tell the boys that he will turn and watch you if your being ugly at the table. They DON'T want to be the one he is watching so they are extra quiet and extra still :) 

Karson has made some cute decorations at school and this one is my favorite. 

This morning we had green milk and green pancakes with turkey bacon. 

(I have tried turkey bacon with the boys several times and each time they told me it tasted funny. Today, they did not! Praise the Lord. It is half the price and better for you than pork)

For lunch, we had green fruits and these green ice cubes in our water. Last night I filled this tray with water and 1 drop of green food coloring. I let them freeze last night. 

They loved their green water!! So easy and fun. 

For dinner we had more green water as our drinks. After our chicken and baked potatoe dinner, we had green vanilla pudding with green sprinkles. 

Mr. Leprechaun brought them magically to our fridge!! :)

Hope you and your little ones have had a great green day. At dinner, Karson said "So mom can we put out our Easter stuff now?" 

He sure does know how things work around here! We love to decorate and enjoy the seasons. 

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