Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dirty Boys

Why are boys so attracted to dirt? Not just dirt, but squishy mud. If my boys see mud, they make a run for it. My dad has been doing some more dozing work for us. He built a new road to where we will build our barn. As soon as the first sight of new dirt was moved, off the boys went to play. 

My boys are big boot wearers. They have worn them all fall and winter, and now they are hinting that they are hot. I must get to Target this week and get some crocs. 

Saturday, we made a morning trip to Lowes and I just HAD to purchase some pansies. So after getting a little work out of my boys, they went straight to the muddy ditch. It was 75 degrees this day, don't worry they were being cared for :)

Just a few mud push ups to get this workout going.

It was almost time for dinner anyway, so off we went to the bath. 

It's true: Boys are humans with dirt. 

Kevin's Aunt (who is sadly loosing her mind) told me that dirt makes boys smart. 

My boys should be rocket scientist then :)

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