Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our Top 5 Favorite Board Games

I thought it would be fun to show our favorite board games. Keep in mind my boys are 3 and 5.

Our favorite board game at this time is Farm-Opoly. It's a version of monopoly, but not as complicated. It does give large amounts of money to use, but I just keep it simple. I give my boys 20's, 10's, 5's, and 1's since they know those numbers. They love to see who can keep the most money, especially Karson our 5 year old. 

Another favorite is HEDBANZ. It's so fun for everyone! Sometimes it can be challenging to explain how to play to a three year old. We make it easy for him and give him prompts to ask us when it's his turn. The whole family can play this game.

The boys got Gooey Louie for Christmas. It's a man with "fake boogers" in his nose. So good for boys :)
You roll a dice and the number that shows is how many slimies you pull out. When you pull a certain one his brain will pop out and your the loser. They have loved this game this winter.

A similar game is Boom Boom Balloon. It's has the same concept as Gouie Louie, but with a balloon. Karson (5) doesn't like loud noises so he's not so crazy about this game. Kipton loves it and is not scared to pop the balloon. (I secretly also hate the pop noise)

Lastly, a family favorite has been Hi Ho Cheery for a few years now. It's great for math skills, as well as cognitive skills. You use counting, and color skills. 

The only down side to this game is the small pieces. They are easy to loose, as well as the small buckets that hold the pieces. 

We have played at least 2 board games, per day this winter. It's a great way to keep from too much screen time. I always urge the boys to think of board games they want for birthdays/Christmas instead of toys that will get tossed in the bottom of a tub in a few months. 

So, turn off the TV/iPad/video games and play a board game as a family. 

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