Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Karson's Party and DAY of birth!

This post is mainly for me to remember his birthday. Karson asked us many months ago for a jumpy place birthday party. Even though it's pricey, we agreed. (Then told each other we would never do it again)

He had his cousin, brother, and 4 friends there. He had the best time and hardly stopped for gifts or cake. 

They jumped and jumped!

Little brother had the best time as well. About half way through the party Mickey and Minnie Mouse came out in full costume and greeted all of the kids. 

Kipton loved it, Karson laughed and hid from Mickey. True to size for them. 

Karson got to take a special snack to preschool for his birthday on Monday. We searched Pinterest together weeks prior and he had his heart set on these dirt cups with worms. He said his friends loved them and their chocolate faces at pick up proved that! 

After his morning of school, we took him to do all of his favorite things. 

First up: Fishing at his favorite spot. A lake nearby our house.

We skipped rocks, fished, played in the dirt, made a cave, and ate snacks. 

After fishing we played at the playground for nearly 2 hours. 

Karson has been waiting for his birthday because for the past 3 year he has bought baby chicks with his birthday money. So we took him to pick them up. 

He bought 6 chicks. 4 of them are for sure hens, and we aren't sure about the other two. They are so sweet and frail right now. I try to keep the boys away from them as much as possible until they get a little older, but normally that doesn't happen! 

After buying chicks we came home to give them a tour of their new home the boys and Kevin built.

We shot BB guns, played some more outside, and cooked his birthday dinner of request: hamburgers on the grill.

We ate, sang happy birthday again, and spent our evening soaking in life with our 5 year old at 7:37pm on March 10. 

We are so grateful and thankful God sent us Karson. 

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