Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Photos from our Homestead

I am SO thankful it's FINALLY Spring! 

My winter pansies are also happy to be out of dormant stage. They are lifting up as if they are speaking to the skies! I am so giddy about these flowers. It's been such a long winter. 

Many new sprouts showing up this past week.

We've had to cut 4 trees this spring. We are stocking up on firewood. 

The boys are normally always willing to help around the house. They gather the eggs for me, clean out ditches, feed and water the chickens. 

Kipton is our chicken catcher. He can catch them any way he can. By the feet, wings, head, you name it he can catch it that way! He is not afraid of ANYTHING, and has a very GO get em personality.

Our baby chicks are growing so much. This picture is from when we first brought them home. They are getting their personalities now. Trying to peck at me when I change the water and food. 

We are getting 70 degree weather this week. 

Spring is such a happy season. Even through the rough winters, God brings us fresh new life!

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