Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Critters and Fire

This past weekend, Kevin tilled our garden. We are so excited to plant. This year we have a whole different plan on where we are growing. I am doing a separate garden with just my pumpkins so they will not over take the vegetables, like last year. I am hoping that with our new plan on separating the plants, they will have more room to grow and can maintain their growth a little better through fall. 

The boys found 3 bull frogs while Kevin tilled the dirt up. These boys will go through fire to catch a frog. 

I have to brag on my husband a little. He is the hardest worker alive! He sees my vision for our home, and never complains with my crazy ideas! 

I can't believe this frog lover is 5. I am NOT taking the end of our preschool year well. I don't want it to end, because I know our days of Kindergarten are coming shortly.

We have enjoyed many fires this past week. I think I mentioned in my last post, that we had to cut 3 big trees before a big storm came. They were a threat to our power line as well as our house. So we have been burning and cutting wood like crazy to clean it all up. This particular night we stayed out until 10pm with the boys. (Their bedtime is 7pm) They LOVED every minute. 

What is a fire without smores? We all ate 2 each! YUM

Hope your having a great week!

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