Monday, April 7, 2014


Some days are so hard being a mom. A pair of boys are wild, loud, dirty, messy, emotional, and contrary. You just never know what kind of day you'll have when they wake up. Thankfully, I know I can rely on one thing. That is our Lord. I think God does give us hard days, to keep us in prayer. 

We've had a week of going backwards in behavior. It hurts even more knowing that I am the main source of parenting they have. (because of Kevin's work) and I feel like a failure when they fall short. 

However, I too fall short. I fail to read my bible. I fail to remember to pray each day. I fail to keep up with friends who need prayer and positive conversation. I fail to serve others first. I fail to keep my positive voice when talking to my husband and kids. I just fail. 

But....I know that I can fail and have a fresh start the next day. I had so much on my mind last night. Sometimes the devil creeps in when we are low. Putting thoughts in my head. 

Your not doing anything right.

Your failing your kids. And your husband.

They are only young once. If they aren't taught now, they won't get it. 

But, I'm thankful for a GOD to rely on. I'm thankful for a church to go to. I'm thankful for a husband and kids who forgive the not so great parenting moments I have. I'm thankful for a community of women who can come together and share their experiences, trials, and tribulations. 

It feels good to be real. To not let others think you have it all together, because no one does. 

This week I'm working on staying positive. In every single aspect of my life!

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