Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Chicks are Here!!!

Around the first of March, our local farming stores all get their shipments of baby chicks. Our boys have purchased them for the past 3 years and this year they were just as excited. Karson normally recieves birthday money on his birthday and wants to use it towards chicks.  

It's always one of the best days of spring when we bring them home. We have to watch the boys like a hawk. Kipton more than Karson because he just snuggles and loves on them, sometimes a little too hard. 

They are so small this year. We got them at 3 days old, instead of years past when they were weeks old. 

Every year Bailey acts like a crazy chick guard dog. He follows them when they are out and jumps after them. I really have to watch him closely too.

This year Kevin and the boys built a new chick pen. It's always tradition to build a new pen out of pallets. Kevin loves getting on Pinterest and looking up pallet building projects. 

They built this pen for about $6.00. Kevin gets free pallets from work and we save them up all winter. The only thing he bought was the wire and some bracers. 

Every time Kevin goes to the hardware store he brings more chicks home. I think we are up to 12 now. 

I love the baby chick stage and love to see them grow and then begin to lay eggs. I do NOT enjoy them roaming all over my garage and porches. lol They know if they come to my back porch they will get left overs. 

If you're considering chickens in your homestead, you won't regret it. It has been the best learning and responsibility process we could have for our boys. 

Once you have your cage built, they are pretty low maintenance. Feeding and collecting eggs each day which maybe takes 10 minutes. 

I'm so thankful Spring is here!!!

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