Monday, March 10, 2014

Our 5 Year Old Boy: Karson

We have a 5 year old boy in our house now! WOW!

Just like all of the "older" people tell new parents, It just flies by! It truly does. Karson is our first born son. Our first born child. Kevin and I had no clue what it meant to raise a child when he was born, but natural instincts set in and we did it. We are so blessed by Karson. Sometimes he's been a hard child and other times he's been the easiest child. Either way, we love him regardless. 

1st Birthday
(Home Party with Family)

2nd Birthday
(Billy Bob's Game Center)

3rd Birthday
(Jumpy Place)

4th Birthday
(Billy Bob's Game Center)

5th Birthday
Pump up the Fun

Karson is such a kind hearted, loving, curious, outdoors, high energy, boy. He is so full of life and he talks constantly. 

He wants to be right with his daddy and do whatever he is doing. He is such a daddy's boy, but also very attached to mommy. 

He has really grown up in his 4th year. He has accomplished many milestones and learned to trust that even though change is scary, it's a good thing. 

Karson has made many new friends this year and has many stories to share about them always at the dinner table. 

He is quite the busy boy. He goes to preschool 3 mornings a week and swim lessons along with helping mom and dad and playing with friends when we can.

Karson loves the outdoors. It is the one place he hardly doesn't talk. He is so quiet and just works and works when we are outside.

Kipton and him have the most special bond. They are always together! 

He loves fishing and hunting. He loves playing and running and building things. 

We love you so much Karson. We spent his special day together just our family doing all of the things he loves. We went fishing, shot BB guns, played at the park, had a special birthday dinner and got to meet our new spring chicks. 

It's been such a good day with our special 5 year old!

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Kelley said...

Happy birthday Karson!! Sounds like a perfect day ;)