Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring Grass for your Table

If you've had a long winter, chances are you're ready for SPRING!! The moment when the sun is shining, birds are peeping, and the Easter Lillies are blooming are the best moments of the year for me. 

Growing grass is also a favorite of mine. This Rye grass is so simple and easy to make your Spring table so green and cheery!

Here are some things you'll need to grow this beautiful grass. 

At your local hardware store (Tractor Supply, ACE) they have bins of different types of grass seed. 

I bought RYE grass seed for $1.20. You only need a little depending on the size of your container. 

You will also need some good soil. I didn't want to buy a big bag so I went to my garden that's currently our compost pile and dug some dirt.....which was FREE! 

I already had this little tin can that I used to hold our chicken eggs when we gathered them. You could use anything. An old rustic bucket, Easter basket, or chicken feeder would work great! 

I put my dirt in, sprinkled my seeds, and gave them a little water. I sat them in front of my French doors with plenty of sunlight. 

Make sure not to over water!

Within 6 or 7 days you will have grass. 

This is so fun for St. Patricks day, Easter and Spring. If my grass gets too tall and shaggy, I cut it with scissors for a little trim. 


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