Sunday, September 29, 2013

Last Day & Our Weekend

Friday was my last day subbing for a teacher that was on maternity leave. I have been in 2nd grade for 6 weeks. While I do love teaching, it's just not right for me in this season of my life. Kudos for all of you working moms. I felt like I was shuffling kids more than anything. Plus the 1 hour drive didn't make things better. We have decided its best for me to stay home at this time. Kevin's work schedule is just too crazy for two parents to be gone. 

So Friday is normally my day to dress casual and normally I wear my Marshall green but because they were having an off week I thought I would make my husband super proud and wear the shirt he bought me. This is a big deal!! He has been asking me to do this for 7 years. If you know Marshall University then you know they are state rivals with WVU. I think my "last day, don't care" attitude came out and it was a good day. Even if it hurt my pride a little :)

Saturday we had a birthday party to go to for one of Karsons little friends. 

WVU was playing right before we left so all of my boys were in their mountaineer gear. Kevin pretty much stayed right by the TV the entire party. He had promised the boys he would go and he did. 

Karson and Cyrus had a blast!

Soon after getting in the car to come home and after a Mountaineer win, all the boys were tired but Kevin was wide with excitement. 

After we got home we all got ready and headed over to my parents for their fall/Halloween party. I didn't take many pictures and wish I would have. Mom loves decorating for Halloween. 

Sunday has been a perfect fall day with lots of catching up! My table always looks like this on Saturday and Sunday I put it all away. 

Happy Weekend!!!
Looking forward to actually taking Karson to preschool tomorrow. I miss being home!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Just right

My husband is not perfect what so ever, but he is perfect for me and our boys. 

There are times when the comparison game hits me hard. Her husband takes her on lots of dates. Her husband has a better career. Her husband helps her more around the house. Everyone's husband is different. I have learned to really appreciate Kevin here in the last week more than I already did in the past 7 years of marriage. He is perfect for ME. That's all that should matter. 

He is thoughtful and brings home flowers because he knows I love them on the table. 

He can paint a room in 1 day flat!!

He works hard for us.

He loves us! 

He makes sure we have everything we need. Especially when your washer stops working. He tries everything to get it fixed but realizes it's done and hurries out to buy a new one so we aren't backed up.

He is soft spoken 

He is not a worrier

He is quiet 

He is loving 

He has 3 people that are crazy over him and want to give him top notch care and support! We love you daddy. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Just some pictures

Riding on a fake deer is fun.....right???

Painting in the bath with shaving cream and good coloring :)

I had 2 sick boys on Wednesday and Thursday. Then Kevin and I both had the stomach bug for 24 hours. Not fun!

The boys like putting the dogs in jail ! 

Finally, this boy has the fever!!! Just like his daddy. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Whoas

Enjoying time with these boys in my bed watching a movie :)

Enjoying a late Friday night dinner at Jewel City where all of my boys ate lots of fish, shrimp, and frog legs. 

Look at that boys face :)

This boy ate 6 huge frog legs!!!!

Saturday Kevin went fishing so the boys and I stayed busy cleaning, doing laundry, putting out our fall decor, and making our favorite stop for mums and pumpkins at our local greenhouse. Which includes feeding farm animals and feeding the fish in their pond. 

Sunday, Karsons best "girl" friend in preschool had her birthday party at the jump place. I took the boys by myself because Kevin was working. A mom should get a reward for doing that by herself on a weekend. Those places are so crowded and I'm a nervous week :) we made it through and the boys fell asleep within 5 minutes of getting in the car. 

Karsons best "boy" friend from last years preschool class came. He hasn't saw much of him because he has went to a different school this year. They were so happy to see each other. They played so hard together. 

Thankful for my boys!!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

During the weekdays

I miss these fellas during the week. Teaching has been a big adjustment, but we are surviving. The evenings are just not long enough. I miss our slow mornings, our play dates with friends, taking Karson to preschool myself, taking naps, cooking good meals for dinner, and not being exhausted at 5:00. 

Thankfully, I have 2 more weeks and I'm finished covering this maternity leave. I could teach up until Christmas break full time but have decided to decline. Sure, they extra money is nice but it's just not for me. I want and need to be home. 

Sometimes on hard days Oreos will help a little :) I have actually lost weight since teaching. Being at home I snack a lot :)

At school you have a 30 min lunch which actually is 15 min after you take the kids down and go to the bathroom. This is how I eat lunch. 

The weekends go by just too fast. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Our Weekend with a Birthday

This weekend was extra special because we had a special birthday in our house. Kevin turned 34 today and we celebrated him all weekend. Friday evening and Saturday are my catch up days. My living room table normally looks like this on Saturdays when I am catching up with all of the folding. I have been trying to do one load a night but don't get the chance to fold it until the weekend. 

Karson helped me clean the glass around the house. That's his favorite job to do. He can also take the trash outside now. Wow!!! What a big helper. 

We bought Kevin a new TV for his birthday which just so happens to come at perfect timing because our old one quit working last Wednesday. 

Today we visited Kevin's parents and all of his family for a little party. The kids swam and we had fun!

We are so thankful for Kevin. He is such a hard worker and great dad. I don't say thank you to him enough. I am working on that. 

Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Kiptons Friend

Kipton has the cutest little girlfriend at the babysitters house. He loves her and from what Jamie says she is pretty crazy over him. She follows him around all over her house. Look at her playing with her hair by him. O my goodness!!!

What blonde hair they both have. How sweet!! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

1st Week

We had lots of first this week. Karsons first week of preschool was this week. He seemed to really enjoy it! They painted, colored, read stories, played outside, and sang songs for Jesus. He is still loving the same little girl named Millie. A lot of his little "boy" friends went to a different preschool this year. 

Tuesday (1st morning)

Thursday (2nd morning) 

Kevin took him this morning and didn't any good pictures :( o well

We also started soccer this week. The boys "like" it but definitely don't love it just yet. Well see. 

Of course I have someone with closed eyes!!! ⚽

Really looking forward to the weekend with no where to be. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Farming & Hunters

Our chickens are such a mystery. They are not laying eggs at all, and then randomly one will be dead. I know some Of you are probably like omg!! But it's getting to be so normal we just burry them and go on. We really think the last set of chickens we got were not raised up right. I wish they could be free reign chickens but we just have too many raccoons, possum, and fox in our area for that. 

I love our rooster. We have had him for 2 years now. He is so fun to watch. I love all things "roosters"

Kevin went on a shopping spree with his dad this past weekend for his birthday. They went to Cabelas of course. He came home with lots of new hunting toys. 

The boys were soo happy!!

They love watching us shoot bows at the target. I don't "hunt" but I love bow shooting. I just love hitting that target. 

Karson got to go along on their guys trip and I stayed home with Kipton to give him some down/alone time. 

Tomorrow we have our 2nd day of preschool for Karson. He had a great 1st day and ran in and was so excited. I'll post more about that soon!!!

Have a great week!