Monday, September 2, 2013

Farming & Hunters

Our chickens are such a mystery. They are not laying eggs at all, and then randomly one will be dead. I know some Of you are probably like omg!! But it's getting to be so normal we just burry them and go on. We really think the last set of chickens we got were not raised up right. I wish they could be free reign chickens but we just have too many raccoons, possum, and fox in our area for that. 

I love our rooster. We have had him for 2 years now. He is so fun to watch. I love all things "roosters"

Kevin went on a shopping spree with his dad this past weekend for his birthday. They went to Cabelas of course. He came home with lots of new hunting toys. 

The boys were soo happy!!

They love watching us shoot bows at the target. I don't "hunt" but I love bow shooting. I just love hitting that target. 

Karson got to go along on their guys trip and I stayed home with Kipton to give him some down/alone time. 

Tomorrow we have our 2nd day of preschool for Karson. He had a great 1st day and ran in and was so excited. I'll post more about that soon!!!

Have a great week!

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