Saturday, August 31, 2013

Welcome College Football

It's no secret if you're on any type of social media you know it's the first Saturday of College Football. 

I am an alumni from Marshall University, but my husband is a HUGE West Virginia fan. He is crazy over them. So today both teams were playing. He has always asked me to buy a WVU shirt but I just can't make myself. My boys won't hardly wear their Marshall jerseys because they want to wear "daddy's team". I have a gold shirt I've got from Target and that is my WVU gear when Kevin asks :) 

We celebrated a WVU win with Panera Bread. We've come a long way. Kevin is actually trying new places to eat! He is very picky. 

After we ate we had some shopping to do for the boys, and we were in a sports store. The boys fell in love with these weights. It was hilarious. Karson said "give me a spot here Kip!"

While the boys and I were looking around, Kevin snuck around and bought me his shirt. He waited until we got home to give it to me. I was being silly and said it make me sick to wear it. lol Our ongoing rival is fun :)

Hope your team wins this weekend. Marshall and WVU both won :)


Miranda said...

Y'all are so cute!!! :) Looks like an awesome day - YAY Panera! We miss that place SO MUCH!

Rachel said...

You guys are just like us with the MU vs WVU banter. Shawn's degree is from WVU, my bachelors and masters are from MU. I always tell him that 2 is more than 1 so this house has to root for MU! He's bought me a couple WVU shirts over the years, too. I'm DEFINITELY hoping that MU has a better season than WVU - if it's going to happen, I think this might be the year!