Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Just right

My husband is not perfect what so ever, but he is perfect for me and our boys. 

There are times when the comparison game hits me hard. Her husband takes her on lots of dates. Her husband has a better career. Her husband helps her more around the house. Everyone's husband is different. I have learned to really appreciate Kevin here in the last week more than I already did in the past 7 years of marriage. He is perfect for ME. That's all that should matter. 

He is thoughtful and brings home flowers because he knows I love them on the table. 

He can paint a room in 1 day flat!!

He works hard for us.

He loves us! 

He makes sure we have everything we need. Especially when your washer stops working. He tries everything to get it fixed but realizes it's done and hurries out to buy a new one so we aren't backed up.

He is soft spoken 

He is not a worrier

He is quiet 

He is loving 

He has 3 people that are crazy over him and want to give him top notch care and support! We love you daddy. 

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