Sunday, September 29, 2013

Last Day & Our Weekend

Friday was my last day subbing for a teacher that was on maternity leave. I have been in 2nd grade for 6 weeks. While I do love teaching, it's just not right for me in this season of my life. Kudos for all of you working moms. I felt like I was shuffling kids more than anything. Plus the 1 hour drive didn't make things better. We have decided its best for me to stay home at this time. Kevin's work schedule is just too crazy for two parents to be gone. 

So Friday is normally my day to dress casual and normally I wear my Marshall green but because they were having an off week I thought I would make my husband super proud and wear the shirt he bought me. This is a big deal!! He has been asking me to do this for 7 years. If you know Marshall University then you know they are state rivals with WVU. I think my "last day, don't care" attitude came out and it was a good day. Even if it hurt my pride a little :)

Saturday we had a birthday party to go to for one of Karsons little friends. 

WVU was playing right before we left so all of my boys were in their mountaineer gear. Kevin pretty much stayed right by the TV the entire party. He had promised the boys he would go and he did. 

Karson and Cyrus had a blast!

Soon after getting in the car to come home and after a Mountaineer win, all the boys were tired but Kevin was wide with excitement. 

After we got home we all got ready and headed over to my parents for their fall/Halloween party. I didn't take many pictures and wish I would have. Mom loves decorating for Halloween. 

Sunday has been a perfect fall day with lots of catching up! My table always looks like this on Saturday and Sunday I put it all away. 

Happy Weekend!!!
Looking forward to actually taking Karson to preschool tomorrow. I miss being home!

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