Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So far.....

Our week so far has been fun. Kevin has had some days off and we have spent morning to night all together. 

Sunday the boys took long naps and we sat on our porch and talked. Our land is so pretty in the fall. 

Monday, Karson was so ready to get back to preschool and see his friends. 

He requested we take a few shots out on the porch before heading off. 

I can't believe these boys are 4 and 3. How time flies!!

After dropping off Karson, we ran a few errands and ended up at the mall for a few things. Kipton just lights up when it's just me and him. He loves the one on one time. 

Today after dropping Karson off, Kipton and I headed to chick fil a with our friends Jayden and Ashley. We had a blast at story time. 

Karson was awarded a hunting trip with daddy after school for good behavior. I'm pretty sure he had a blast even if they didn't get anything. 

Kevin texted pictures of him in his hunting blind. Can't wait to go!

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