Sunday, September 8, 2013

Our Weekend with a Birthday

This weekend was extra special because we had a special birthday in our house. Kevin turned 34 today and we celebrated him all weekend. Friday evening and Saturday are my catch up days. My living room table normally looks like this on Saturdays when I am catching up with all of the folding. I have been trying to do one load a night but don't get the chance to fold it until the weekend. 

Karson helped me clean the glass around the house. That's his favorite job to do. He can also take the trash outside now. Wow!!! What a big helper. 

We bought Kevin a new TV for his birthday which just so happens to come at perfect timing because our old one quit working last Wednesday. 

Today we visited Kevin's parents and all of his family for a little party. The kids swam and we had fun!

We are so thankful for Kevin. He is such a hard worker and great dad. I don't say thank you to him enough. I am working on that. 

Happy Birthday!!!

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Atlas said...

Such a beautiful family. Great to see families that love and care for one another.