Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Friday

Since FALL is offically here, I thought I would try to share something each Friday related to fall. Whether it's a decorating piece I've done, something outside, a Fall craft that the boys have done, or a Fall activity we have been involved with. This should be fun!
I think ALOT of people has a favorite season and it's FALL. I would be one of those people!
I love it! Everything that goes with it. Pumpkins, mums, the colors, cooler weather, sweaters, jeans, boots, dark evenings, good food, and fall crafts.
I love decorating the house for the different seasons.
I have been so pleased with my ferns this year. They normally last until Thanksgiving but I didn't know how well they would do living in the country. It seems cooler here than when we lived in a subdivision.
My mom made some super cute pillows for our swing. Love them!

A little fall scene in the side yard. I repainted the bench to a flat black and added my mums and scarecrows that I already had. About a $10. project! Turned out pretty cute.
I am really looking forward to these falls days!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

iPhone Pictures

It's been a while since I've uploaded some pictures from iPhone. Here goes:
1. Silly faces with Karson.
2. The boys always ask to ride this tractor in Walmart. I always say no. Karson was at preschool and Kipton asked..soo he got to finally ride :) It was his favorite day!
3. Karson and Olivia - They are the same exact age and love playing together at Mother's Club events. They are so sweet and even kissed when they left each other. I don't kow that I am ready for that but she just came in for the kill towards Karson. I think I did have a mild heart attack!
4. I have been working on getting fall/winter clothes out of tubs and back into their dressers. It is always such a big job trying to get them to try on things to see if they fit or not. The boys were so excited to wear "warm jommies" on this night that it got down to 45.
5. Playdoh! The best quiet time activity

6. Mums and Pumpkins = The best!!
7. Rainy day attempt at making cupcakes. Who cares if you have to get on the table too..right?
8. Kevin and I have been getting our bows ready for hunting season that starts up in a week. Kevin is SOOO excited about hunting season this year because we live in the woods. We have been shooting at the target all week. It's really fun! I am enjoying it.
9. HAHA!
10. Bath baby! So happy
11. We got a date night this week. Kevin was making fun of me about my Starbucks. He is really not into drinking different types of coffees. He is a black coffee/ and hot chocolate drinker. He took me to Starbucks even though he said he hates paying $4 for a coffee. (cheapo :)
It is rainy today!! Hope we can stay busy inside :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Balloons and Pretty Days

I have been wanting to document the fun things that the boys and I have been into with the Mother's Club. We normally pick about 2 things to do each week with the club and each time they LOVE it. It's pretty nice to have some adult conversation with other moms who are going through the same season of life with raising young children.
Last Thursday we did a Balloon Send Off where each child had a balloon with an attached card that told about the Mother's Club and each child was assigned a number. Then when the balloons are found the person can contact the Mother's Club to say where they found the balloon and what # was on the card so we would know who's child it belonged to. The next day a lady from Jackson County, WV found a balloon. Super cool!

This week we have a play date and ice cream social to attend. Should be fun!
The boys have been pretty rowdy these past 2 days. Karson is still battling seasonal allergies and Kipton is teething again with his 2 year old molars. He has 2 of them now, and we are waiting for the other 2 to FINALLY come in and we are done with new teeth :) THANK YOU LORD!
We have been doing lots of walking in the stroller and visiting parks.
The weather has been so nice! It's super chilly in the mornings and even up until 11 or 12. We visited the rose garden in our park today and the boys thought it was pretty boring but I hadn't been up there for a while. Karson did agree to take a quick picture for me :)
Kipton has been trying many new things as long as Karson shows me how to. This rope climbing obstacle didn't slow him down!
Almost there! Lots of determination, which I love about him.
The days have been so nice and I'm so glad it's not 100 degrees and too hot to play. The fall weather is for sure here and I am loving it.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Daily Life - Our Weekend

We've had another busy week, but a good one! 
Our weekend has been full of football playing...
catching and running....
enjoying our 2nd parade and loving every minute....
and reading many many stories...

Friday, September 21, 2012


Our boys are pretty lucky! Growing up little boys love trucks, trains, cars, firetrucks, bulldozers, anything that moves. It just so happens that my boys LOVE anything that will scoop dirt.
So having a papaw (and neighbor) with a bulldozer is about the best around!
We had about 6 trees cut out of our backyard last Sunday. They were pretty dangerous and too close to our house and we needed to get them out before winter. My dad and his friend and Kevin all helped to get them out. I was soo thankful it went smooth and it was finally over.
After the trees were cut down, it was clean up time! These boys were ready to get to work. Karson has always loved tractors, bulldozers. But I really think Kipton is going to be our dozer man. He LOVES them and plays with them most of the day. He has been asking everytime we go to Target or Walmart to see the bulldozers. I will normally take him back to that isle in the toy section and we stay at least 10 minutes looking at this one particular bulldozer he loves. I really need to get it for Christmas and put it back, but I am never at a store alone :)
He worked worked worked his little heart out on this bulldozer. He really thought he was big stuff!
Bubby has a few lessons he tries to teach Kipton. How to move this lever and how to push this button, etc. He thinks he is "Mr. Teacher" to Kipton.
Giving Kipton a lesson
Hauling a tree off..this is tough work!
Loving every second of living in the country! Thrilled that these boys are healthy, and happy loving the country life.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pumpkin Picking

Monday was Kevin's last day off work so we decided to take the boys to an awesome greenhouse in Greenup, KY. It's called Imel's Greenhouse and it has goats, chickens, tons of playground equipment, along with pumpkins, gourds, mums, foder, hay, anything to do with landscaping and fall.
We normally make the 45 minute trip there every year. Here are a few pictures from our trip!
We have been thinking about getting goats of our own and this trip just showed us how much the boys would LOVE it! They wouldn't leave them alone.
Trying to get a picture with Kipton is super hard now days. He wants to do everything "MYSELF" :)
In a week the greenhouse will turn into Halloween town. We will go back with the Mother's Club on October 1st and it will all be set up.
We are excited about another trip and Karson has already asked to go back.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Busy fall days...

*Note: I don't know why this post is all in white*
It seems like we have been having such busy days. The summer is officially over and now our fall schedule is in full swing. We have been busy with Karson's preschool, Bible Study, Church, Mother's Club events, family, and keeping up with the house.

Last week was Karson's 2nd week with the 3 year old Preschool program. He LOVES his days there AFTER the fact. He is still having lots of separation anxiety from me, but I am hoping with time the drop offs will be easier.

Wednesday - 9/12/12

Friday - 9/14/12

Karson comes home from school and tells us all about his time. He is so happy and excited when we pick him up! I am thankful for this opportunity for him. I know God will help Karson through his drop off.

Meanwhile, on the days that "bubby" is in school, me and Kipton have been keeping busy playing toys, learning new things, and running errands together. I really thought that he would be more upset leaving Karson but he is not. He is enjoying his time with just mom.
Last week we also met up with some friends at the Barboursville Fall Parade. I was very worried about taking the boys by myself because of the crowds and I didn't know if they would stay in one space while waiting for the parade to start and during the parade. I prayed and prayed about it, and GOD pulled through for us. The boys were perfect! I couldn't have asked for better children. They were so well behaved and LOVED every moment of their first parade. We came home with a huge bag of candy that the boys went jumping for as the floats were throwing. This trip proved to me that as the boys get older it is getting "easier" to get out and enjoy events like these.
We have also been enjoying our bible study group each Wednesday night. I am really loving the study along with getting together with friends from church.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Game Day - MU!

We had the best day yesterday! We got to finally see Marshall play. My ALUM!
Karson and Kipton stayed with grandparents, so it was just Kevin and I for the night.
Karson wanted to get in on the picture before we headed out :)
We tailgated with friends, then walked to the stadium to watch the game. We stayed until after the bands performed during half-time then decided we wanted dinner so we walked to Fat Pattys which is Kevin's favorite restaurant. The have the BIGGEST burgers.
Here is my happy husband in his favorite place!
Home Sweet Marshall :)
Here's to hoping that we are able to have many more date nights!
We had a blast even though Marshall had a heartbreak game and lost to Ohio University.