Monday, September 17, 2012

Busy fall days...

*Note: I don't know why this post is all in white*
It seems like we have been having such busy days. The summer is officially over and now our fall schedule is in full swing. We have been busy with Karson's preschool, Bible Study, Church, Mother's Club events, family, and keeping up with the house.

Last week was Karson's 2nd week with the 3 year old Preschool program. He LOVES his days there AFTER the fact. He is still having lots of separation anxiety from me, but I am hoping with time the drop offs will be easier.

Wednesday - 9/12/12

Friday - 9/14/12

Karson comes home from school and tells us all about his time. He is so happy and excited when we pick him up! I am thankful for this opportunity for him. I know God will help Karson through his drop off.

Meanwhile, on the days that "bubby" is in school, me and Kipton have been keeping busy playing toys, learning new things, and running errands together. I really thought that he would be more upset leaving Karson but he is not. He is enjoying his time with just mom.
Last week we also met up with some friends at the Barboursville Fall Parade. I was very worried about taking the boys by myself because of the crowds and I didn't know if they would stay in one space while waiting for the parade to start and during the parade. I prayed and prayed about it, and GOD pulled through for us. The boys were perfect! I couldn't have asked for better children. They were so well behaved and LOVED every moment of their first parade. We came home with a huge bag of candy that the boys went jumping for as the floats were throwing. This trip proved to me that as the boys get older it is getting "easier" to get out and enjoy events like these.
We have also been enjoying our bible study group each Wednesday night. I am really loving the study along with getting together with friends from church.

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