Monday, September 24, 2012

Balloons and Pretty Days

I have been wanting to document the fun things that the boys and I have been into with the Mother's Club. We normally pick about 2 things to do each week with the club and each time they LOVE it. It's pretty nice to have some adult conversation with other moms who are going through the same season of life with raising young children.
Last Thursday we did a Balloon Send Off where each child had a balloon with an attached card that told about the Mother's Club and each child was assigned a number. Then when the balloons are found the person can contact the Mother's Club to say where they found the balloon and what # was on the card so we would know who's child it belonged to. The next day a lady from Jackson County, WV found a balloon. Super cool!

This week we have a play date and ice cream social to attend. Should be fun!
The boys have been pretty rowdy these past 2 days. Karson is still battling seasonal allergies and Kipton is teething again with his 2 year old molars. He has 2 of them now, and we are waiting for the other 2 to FINALLY come in and we are done with new teeth :) THANK YOU LORD!
We have been doing lots of walking in the stroller and visiting parks.
The weather has been so nice! It's super chilly in the mornings and even up until 11 or 12. We visited the rose garden in our park today and the boys thought it was pretty boring but I hadn't been up there for a while. Karson did agree to take a quick picture for me :)
Kipton has been trying many new things as long as Karson shows me how to. This rope climbing obstacle didn't slow him down!
Almost there! Lots of determination, which I love about him.
The days have been so nice and I'm so glad it's not 100 degrees and too hot to play. The fall weather is for sure here and I am loving it.

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