Thursday, September 27, 2012

iPhone Pictures

It's been a while since I've uploaded some pictures from iPhone. Here goes:
1. Silly faces with Karson.
2. The boys always ask to ride this tractor in Walmart. I always say no. Karson was at preschool and Kipton asked..soo he got to finally ride :) It was his favorite day!
3. Karson and Olivia - They are the same exact age and love playing together at Mother's Club events. They are so sweet and even kissed when they left each other. I don't kow that I am ready for that but she just came in for the kill towards Karson. I think I did have a mild heart attack!
4. I have been working on getting fall/winter clothes out of tubs and back into their dressers. It is always such a big job trying to get them to try on things to see if they fit or not. The boys were so excited to wear "warm jommies" on this night that it got down to 45.
5. Playdoh! The best quiet time activity

6. Mums and Pumpkins = The best!!
7. Rainy day attempt at making cupcakes. Who cares if you have to get on the table too..right?
8. Kevin and I have been getting our bows ready for hunting season that starts up in a week. Kevin is SOOO excited about hunting season this year because we live in the woods. We have been shooting at the target all week. It's really fun! I am enjoying it.
9. HAHA!
10. Bath baby! So happy
11. We got a date night this week. Kevin was making fun of me about my Starbucks. He is really not into drinking different types of coffees. He is a black coffee/ and hot chocolate drinker. He took me to Starbucks even though he said he hates paying $4 for a coffee. (cheapo :)
It is rainy today!! Hope we can stay busy inside :)

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